Teachers CAN Fellowship 2022 for South African teachers.


Application Deadline: 17 January 2022

Teachers CAN is a network that is led by young, transformative teachers – and taps into teacher motivation to enable children to reach their full potential.

Teachers CAN aims to build this network by:

  • Connecting young teachers
  • Elevating their role
  • Amplifying their voices

Teachers CAN’s vision is to advocate for an environment where: Young teachers are valued as vital role players in influencing the education ecosystem

At the heart of our vision is the Teachers CAN Manifesto, which unites young teachers around five core values, namely that teachers are able to:

  • Support learners to reach their potential in all aspects of their lives
  • Engage as equals and for equality in schools
  • Innovate and own school-wide teaching practices
  • Play an active role in school structures
  • Connect to a wider world of social change

Teachers CAN recognises the steep learning curve and intensity of the first years of teaching. Added to limited peer support and connection opportunities, the under-valuing of teachers’ voices in the broader eco-system and limited scope to influence the day to day running of classrooms and we are running the risk of more and more young teachers leaving the profession.

To counter this, we seek to foster new ways for us to see ourselves as well as our role in the education system, developing our individual as well as collective identities as change agents within the system.

The annual Teachers CAN fellowship focuses on 25 young teachers, based anywhere in South Africa, and who are between the ages of 23 and 35.

The one-year programme will have the following components:

  1. Immersions – three workshops taking place during the March, June and September holidays. The immersions will take place in a hybrid format with a combination of in-person and online engagements
  2. Peer learning – this is an opportunity for fellows to grow in their profession through sharing experiences and collaborating towards achieving better outcomes
  3. Network building – fellows will have an opportunity to engage with the wider network through various platforms where they can put in to practise their learning and further embed their identity as key role players in the eco-system  


  • Between the ages of 23 – 35
  • Must Hold at least a 4-year B.Ed. degree/PGCE
  • Currently teaching in a South African school
  • Between 2 -5 years teaching experience
  • Proven potential to become a change agent
  • Demonstrated desire to bring positive change in the South African schooling system

A Teachers CAN fellow have the ability to work collaboratively within a diverse group and respecting the views and opinions of others; they are life-long learners who are passionate about growing in their profession and they are committed to playing an influential role in the broader eco-system.

All the components of the fellowship are aimed at helping young teachers develop a common identity rooted in professionalism, creativity and disruption of the status quo. The fellowship seeks to provide fellows with a stimulating and nurturing environment rooted in the belief that each one of them has the potential to make a difference in the education system.

Whilst the duration of the Teachers CAN fellowship has been designed as a one-year programme, alumni will remain key anchors of our network.

Applications open: 29 November 2021
Applications close: 17 January 2022

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Teachers CAN Fellowship 2022


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