The 2013 Sasol Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for South Africans.


Postgraduate Bursary Scheme is offered by the Sasol in South Africa. Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries are awarded for full-time university study in the field of science and engineering at Masters or PhD degree level.

If you have what it takes to become part of this exciting team, the Sasol Bursary Scheme is ready to change your life! Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries are awarded for full-time University study in Science and Engineering, at Masters or Ph.D Degree level. (Students interested in a Honours Degree or 4th year studies should apply on the Undergraduate webpage).


Please note that Commerce postgraduate bursaries are not supported at this stage.

Should you wish to apply for a postgraduate bursary, please read through the recommended research fields contained in the link below prior to submitting an application.

Fields of study

The Sasol Bursary Scheme offers bursaries on the basis of a service binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary. Applications may be submitted for one of the following fields of study:

B Eng or BSc Engineering B Sc B Com
Chemical Chemistry (Masters compulsory) Logistics (Hons compulsory)
Mechanical Geology (Hons compulsory) Informatics (Hons compulsory)
Electrical Metallurgy (Hons compulsory) Procurement & Supply (Hons compulsory)
Civil Law
Industrial Accounting/ BBscience CA Stream
(CTA, PGDA compulsory)
Electronic Economics
Note:No bursaries are awarded for fields of study not listed above. Bursaries are not always awarded in each field of study every year. Applicants should submit an application based on a real interest in the field and not only because they may secure a bursary.

Click to view:  2013 Post Graduate Research Fields

It is advisable to read through the entire document as many research fields are multidisciplinary and may be attractive to either Science or Engineering students. Students and their prospective supervisors are encouraged to contact the Sasol personnel listed in the document to discuss their interests and to gain further insights into the type of research, future direction and opportunities within such technologies.

Students should formulate a research project proposal and include a summary of their proposed project on their application. Projects which incorporate a multidisciplinary approach are encouraged. Study at all South African institutions will be considered, taking into account the expertise base of a given department in that area of research.

Incomplete applications, late applications, email applications and applications submitted by any manner other than the official Sasol website will not be considered. Applicants should be residents of South Africa.

For More Information:

How to Apply
Sasol Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme Brochure

Register and Apply for the Sasol Postgraduate Scholarship



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