MOUNAF (Mobilité Universitaire en Afrique) Staff, Master’s & Doctoral Scholarships 2018 for Africans

Application Deadline: August 20th 2017

MOUNAF (Mobilité Universitaire en Afrique) is a project for academic mobility funded by European Union under the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme. This action aims to internationalize evaluation systems, master programs and doctoral research within African universities through academic mobility. MOUNAF will provide up to 100 scholarships for doctoral and master’s students and also Staff in Africa.

The MOUNAF mobility program involves 4 regions of Africa, 6 African universities (from Morocco, Ethiopia, South Africa, DR Congo and Mozambique) and one European university (from Belgium). The partnership covers two working languages: French and English. It is designed to facilitate the movement of Masters & PhD students and Staff between selected Universities in the African regions as a means of building capacity and encouraging socioeconomic development in each region. It aims to contribute to the capacity building of human resources and the development of international cooperation of partner universities by implementing a program of 100 flows in the thematic areas:

a) Agriculture and food security,
b) Engineering, including infrastructure and energy,
c) Health & Environment.

The analysis of their impact on participatory development will rely on cross-disciplinary fields (Social Sciences, Governance and Education Sciences).

Within the context of quality assurance, the purpose of the framework for qualifications of African university partners is to:

  • enable students (actual or prospective) and staff members to understand the achievements and attributes represented by qualification titles, and how qualifications relate to one another;
  • assist partner universities to clarify potential routes for progression and credit transfer, particularly in the context of wider participation in African and international learning;
  • maintain international comparability of standards, especially in the African context and ensure international competitiveness.

Such harmonization within a quality framework will allow :

  • students from different African countries to spend a part or all of their studies in other partner countries;
  • that students in different locations are offered the same quality of education regardless of university providers;
  • that graduates from one country are recruited by the employment sector in other African countries;
  • a multi-national workplace;
  • close collaboration between African universities in creating and developing new knowledge and common curricula;
  • close collaboration between students in creating and sharing knowledge within an African students’ mobility network (AfriMob).

In essence, the regional qualifications framework will help alumni and staff members in partner universities to relate their qualification structures to the wider African and European context and internationally, and so assist with the development and recognition of a range of routes to professional recognition and continuing academic development in the region.

Mobility Types

The MOUNAF Scholarship allows students from two target groups to participate in the mobility scheme and makes provision for three types of individual mobility for staff and postgraduate (Master’s and Doctoral ) students.

The types of mobility covered include:

  • full- degree studies for Masters and Doctoral students (max. 24 months for masters and 36 months for doctoral candidates);
  • short-term exchanges for Masters and Doctoral students (at least 6 months); and
  •  staff exchanges for at least one month.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • The MOUNAF scholarship provides for the mobility of postgraduate students and staff between Higher Education Institutions comprising the MOUNAF consortium (target group 1) as well as mobility opportunities for candidates from one of the other countries identified as target group 2.
  • The mobility activities are aimed at providing favourable conditions for staff and student mobility by means of quality support measures for students and staff to undertake study, research and training periods at one of the partner HEIs.

Please note that mobilities can only take place from one African country to another (not within African countries).

Eligibility Criteria for Student Mobility

To be eligible for the Scholarship, masters and doctoral students must:

    • be a national and resident of any of the eligible African countries.

  • Target group 1 students must be registered or admitted to one of the Higher Education Institutions comprising the consortium at the time of application for the scholarship.  Eligible students must therefore be registered/ admitted in or having obtained a degree from Moulay Ismail University, Jimma University, University of Limpopo, Eduardo Mondlane University, Université Cadi Ayyad and Université de Kisangani.
  • Target group 2 students must be registered/admitted in or having obtained a degree from a Higher Education Institution not included in the partnership but established in one of the eligible African countries.
  • Students are also required to have sufficient knowledge of the language in which courses are offered at the host HEI.

Scholarship Worth:

The MOUNAF individual  scholarships will cover:

  • One roundtrip flight ticket and visa costs for all scholarship holders (based on distance)
  • A monthly subsistence allowance payable on a regular basis during the mobility period
    Accommodation expenses are to be covered by the scholarship recipient and can be done from the monthly subsistence allowance. Host universities may be contacted to facilitate local accommodation (if any).
  • Participation Costs which may include tuition fees, registration fees and service fees
  • Research costs to cover the research activities (laboratory consumable costs, field research costs, registration for online research platform, etc.) of master students and doctoral candidates
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage (Health, Accident and Travel)
  • a settling-in allowance of €600 for masters and €900 for doctorates is paid once upon arrival.
  • female scholarship holders receive an extra allowance of €600/month for masters and €900/month for doctorates in case the mobility equals or is longer than 2 academic years. This allowance is paid per academic year.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the MOUNAF Staff, Master’s & Doctoral Scholarships 2018 for Africans


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