The Act Thuthukisani Programme 2022 for South African Artists


Application Deadline: May 22, 2022

Thuthukisani is a business development programme that was started to empower a selected group of artists to implement and execute their chosen projects in a strategic and sustainable way. A total of 63 successful applicants, seven from each province in South Africa, will receive training. After thorough training and mentorship all participants will then pitch their projects for the opportunity to receive a cash investment. Only projects with merit and viability will be eligible for potential investment.

The name of the programme, Thuthukisani, is a call to action taken from the isiZulu word ‘thuthukisa’ (a verb), meaning to develop. Initiated and managed by the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT), the ACT Thuthukisani Programme is supported by Nedbank.

The roll-out of the programme takes place in three cycles, with applicants from three predetermined provinces per cycle invited. Cycle 1, covering Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga, is in its final stages, and artists from Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal will soon be able to apply for cycle 2.


  • To be considered for selection in cycle 2, applicants must meet all the selection criteria.
  • Only South African nationals with projects taking place in South Africa may apply.
  • Arts organisations and/or individuals must carry on an active, registered and compliant arts business (in terms of CIPC and SARS requirements) with an existing client base.
  • The core business focus must be arts and culture.

It is also important for applicants to know that project plans or ideas need to be further developed and executed within 90 days, whilst complying with all Covid-19 regulations. Participants must strictly comply with and attend all training and mentorship sessions.

Selection Criteria

  • Only seven ACT Thuthukisani Programme participants per province will be selected per cycle.
  • After training has been completed, three projects per province will receive a cash investment and ongoing mentorship for the artist for the duration of the project.

 The application process follows a set format

The Thuthukisani Project rolls out in 3 phases, including 3 provinces per cycle. A total of 7 participants from each province are selected to participate in the Thuthukisani Programme.

  • An online application form needs to be completed by all prospective participants be they arts entrepreneurs, arts practitioners or organisations in the cultural and creative industries. The application must include a proposal for an arts project that will be workshopped and developed during participation in the Thuthukisani Programme.
  • Participants selection will be made by a selection committee comprised of objective industry peer reviewers and ACT trustees,
  • 7 participants per province will be selected and the selection will be based on the most viable proposals
  • Graduation from this programme requires 100% participation and professional conduct of the masterclass series and assignments.
  • On completion of the training and project plan submission an adjudication panel will review all proposals and up to 3 project from each province will qualify for a cash investment and professional mentorship to implement their project in 90 days.

The Thuthukisani Project is one of the first projects to combine training, mentorship, investment and implementation support to deserving businesses.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Act Thuthukisani Programme 2022


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