The Council of Europe/League of Arab States 7th Euro-Arab Youth Forum (Fully Funded to Budapest, Hungary)

Application Deadline: August 26th 2019

The Council of Europe has consistently been supporting dialogue between youth organisations and institutions concerned with youth policy. In the recent past this has focused on capacity-building for human rights education, intercultural dialogue and development of non-formal education.

The co-operation with the League of Arab States has been on-going for more than 10 years, articulated around the promotion of intercultural dialogue, youth participation and countering hate speech and extremism. The cooperation has focused on joint capacity-building activities for youth leaders and the Euro-Arab Youth Forum. The latest large scale event was the 6thArab-European Youth Forum: Overcoming Hate Speech and Extremism Together took place in 2017in Fez, Morocco.

The forum was carried out and organised by the Council of Europe and the League of Arab States in partnership with the European Youth Forum and the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Morocco. In November 2018 the Euro-Arab training course “Youth Participation and Gender Equality” was held in Doha, Qatar, with a specific emphasis on how to secure gender equality in youth participation and how participatory approaches can enable (better) gendere quality. The activity was co-organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the State of Qatar.

In 2019, the Council of Europe and the League of Arab have agreed to focus their cooperation on the 7th Euro-Arab Youth Forum, which is to be preceded by a study about the impact and results of the cooperation. The forum should focus on youth, peace and security so as to follow-up on the regional consultation held in Fez with UNFPA and, in particular, to understand and apply the principles of the United Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security to Euro-Arab Youth cooperation.

Aim and objectives

The 7thEuro-Arab Youth Forum will foster the participation of young people and youth organisations in peacebuilding and Euro-Arab cooperation for inclusive societies.Its specific objectivesare:

-To explore the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth Peace and Security and its relevance for young people in Euro-Arab co-operation
-To share and recognise needs and challenges faced by young people and youth organisations in their work for peacebuilding, security and dialogue
-To share practices and experiences in peacebuilding for mutual learning
-To support participants to engage and advocate for their countries to implement the Resolution UN 2250 and in pursuing Sustainable Development Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions)
-To critically reflect about the role of the Council of Europe, the League of Arab states in implementing 2250 and its principles of action and shaping the future of the cooperation
-To learn about human rights education as a framework for learning and acting for peace and dialogue


The forum will bring together some 100 youth leaders, activists and other stakeholders active in the field of Euro-Arab cooperation in the youth field. The participants recruited through this call must:

a)Be resident in a member state of the Council of Europe or state signatory of the European Cultural Convention;
b)be aged between 18 to 30 years;
c)be able to work in English, a knowledge of French and/or Arabic will be an asset;
d)be involved in a youth organisation or youth work project related to Euro-Arab cooperation, peacebuilding and/or to the UN Security Council Resolution 2250;
e)be able toshare their experiences and ideas and be motivated to take full part in forum actively

Working languages

The working languages of the forum will be English and Arabic, with simultaneous interpretation provided during plenary sessions. Practical and administrative information

Dates of arrival and departure

Participants are expected to arrive on 4 November to the European Youth Centre Budapest and depart on 9 November.

Accommodation and board

Full board and lodging at forum will be provided and paid for by the Council of Europe at the European Youth Centre in Budapest.

Travel costs and visa

Travel costs of participants will be reimbursed by the Council of Europe in cash during the activity, or after the activity by bank transfer upon the presentation of required invoices, travel documents and tickets.

Visa costs will be reimbursed by the Council of Europe upon presentation of the necessary evidence and documents. The Council of Europe will also issue invitation letters for visa purposes when needed.

Application procedure and selection of participants

All applications must be completed online at 26 August 2019.

For further information or queries related to this call, please contact us at: [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2019


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