The Impact Challenge 2021 for Women and Girls ($USD 25 million fund)

Application Deadline: 23:59 GMT on April 9, 2021.

The Impact Challenge for Women and Girls commits $25 million to fund organizations creating pathways to prosperity for women and girls. This is an open call for applications, and selected charitable initiatives will receive up to $2 million, as well as opportunities for mentorship and additional support from Google

Gender inequity is one of the most urgent challenges we face as a society, and COVID-19 has put the economic future of women and girls at even greater risk. At, we believe that solving big problems requires collective action, and the people closest to the challenges are often those closest to the solution.

Google wants to support organizations helping women and girls turn their economic potential into power: from programs addressing systemic barriers to economic equality, to those cultivating entrepreneurship, developing financial independence, and more.


  • The Challenge is open to any not-for-profit charity, other not-for-profit organization, public or private academic or research institution, or for-profit social enterprise company with a project that has an explicit charitable purpose. We’re looking for innovators who understand the needs within both their local communities and countries.
  • Final discretion as to which organizations and which projects are funded is up to Your organization must have a registered office in your country of residence. Organizations located in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria and projects in those countries are not eligible to apply. Unfortunately, individuals without organizational affiliation are ineligible.


  • will provide funding to selected organizations out of a US$25 million fund.
  • expect each fund size may range from US$300,000 to US$2 million, but will ultimately be allocated based on project needs.
  • encourage applicants to submit budgets that accurately reflect the scope of their proposal. Likewise, any additional resources provided will also be tailored to project needs. Organizations may also receive customized post-funding support to help bring their ideas to life.

Application criteria

  • Impact
  • How will the proposed project create pathways to prosperity for women and girls or empower them to reach their full economic potential, and to what extent? Is the application grounded in research and data about the problem and the solution?
  • How many people will be affected if successful and to what extent?
  • InnovationWhat is the core insight or innovation that differentiates this project from others, in philosophy or execution? What makes the proposed project unique?
  • Feasibility
  • Does your team have a well-developed, realistic plan, along with the right expertise and skills, to execute on the proposal? Has your team identified the right partners and domain experts for implementation? To best understand the needs of those you’re serving, does your team have women in positions of leadership?
  • Scalability
  • If successful, how can this project scale beyond the initial proposal? Can it scale directly, serve as a model for other efforts, or advance the field?

How it works

  • Organizations apply
  • There will be a two-stage application process, and applications must be submitted in English. In Stage 1, organizations submit their proposals for charitable projects creating pathways to prosperity for women and girls. Applications close at 23:59 GMT on April 9, 2021. will invite high-potential organizations to submit additional project information in Stage 2.
  • Organizations selected
  • The panel of experts and our partners will review and provide input to help select organizations that will receive funding.
  • Funding and supportEach selected organization will receive between $300,000 and $2 million in funding and other support from Google. The selected organizations will be announced in late 2021.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Impact Challenge



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