2014 Insight Data Science Fellows Program

Insight is an intensive, six week postdoctoral training fellowship that bridges the gap between  academia and a career in data science. Based in  Silicon Valley, the program enables scientists to  learn the industry specific skills needed to work  in the growing field of big data at leading  technology companies.

Are you a PhD candidate or postdoctoral researcher looking to transition into  a career in industry? Do you want a career that truly leverages your quantitative  experience in a fast-growing, in-demand field that is making a positive impact in  the world?
Silicon Valley technology companies are hiring data scientists to help them  glean insights from the terabytes of data that they collect everyday. While the  amount of data produced and stored is growing exponentially, there is a severe  shortage of top talent to analyze this data and extract valuable insights from it.
The Insight Data Science Fellows Program is a new postdoctoral training  fellowship that bridges the gap between academia and data science. Insight is a  six week, intensive program based in Mountain View, California that teaches  researchers how to apply their existing analytical skills to big data. The program  consists of project-based, industry-driven learning approach designed to train  you in many of the cutting edge data science tools and practices used in industry.
Immediately following the program, Fellows interview at top Silicon Valley  technology companies and are likely to receive multiple job offers.

Here’s what you need to know about the Insight Data Science Fellows

Program in a nutshell:
1. 6 week, full-time, postdoctoral data science training fellowship in Mountain View, CARLIFONIA .
2. Full tuition scholarship and a travel and living expense  reimbursement of up to $5,000.
3. Self-directed, project-based learning (no classes!) under the  guidance of top industry data scientists.
4. A group of smart people who are excited about working on  interesting problems while having a positive impact.
5. Interview and get hired at top Silicon Valley technology companies  immediately following completion of the program

Who’s Involved?
Insight is a Silicon Valley based startup working to bridge the gap between  academia and the technology industry. We are funded by top startup investment  funds Y Combinator 8 and SV Angel9 and, with participation from leading  technology companies, are connecting top analytical talent with some of the most  innovative companies in the world. Mentors for the Insight Data Science Fellows  Program, who will be hiring out of the program, are data scientists and engineers  from top technology companies including:

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Program Dates
Upcoming sessions of the Insight Data Science Fellows Program will take place on the following start dates:
•January 6, 2014 (currently accepting early applications)

Applying to  The Insight Data Fellows Programme
We are currently accepting applications for the Insight Data Science Fellows  Program session starting January 6, 2014. Given the high interest we have  received, we expect entry to be quite competitive. Since interviews and  acceptances will be granted on a rolling basis, we encourage you to apply as early  as possible.
If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].
Or, to apply, please visit: http://insightdatascience.com/apply.html





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