The IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013.

Submission Deadline: 31 October 2013

The IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013 is held to raise public awareness of Nepal’s labour migration challenges and opportunities through visual representations of Nepalese migrants, their families and communities, and advocating for safe migration for all current and potential migrants. The theme of the contest is ‘Think Move Change’. The universal values that the contest reflects are: human rights and the well-being of migrants and their families.

The Organizers

The IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013 is co-organised by the IOM Nepal Mission and the EU Delegation to Nepal.

 The Contest Rules (Terms & Conditions)


This contest is open to anyone resident in any country, while all photographs must depict Nepalese current and potential migrants and their families in Nepal and/or in their countries of destinations. Subjects in the photographs can be freely and creatively chosen by photographers. Photographs must have been taken within two years of the closing date of the contest (31 October 2011 – 31 October 2013).


A photographer must hold full copyright to a photograph that s/he wishes to submit to the contest, and also must have received full permission from the subject(s) for the photograph to be used in the contest. Photographs that appear to violate the rights of those represented will not be judged.


All entrants must submit their photographs with the completed official entry form to [ [email protected] ] by email. Entries in high resolution digital format will only be accepted (image files must be in JPG format: 1,600 pixels wide if a horizontal image or 1,600 pixels tall if a vertical image, and not more than 3MB).All entrants can submit up to three photographs with the respective entry form.


IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013 Entry Form [download]


Photographs that are digitally altered or manipulated and/or that are previously published in magazines, newspapers, websites or other information materials will not be accepted. Photographs that are not accompanied by the entry form will not be considered by the judges.

The contest opens at 0:00 AM Nepal local time on Sunday, 1 September 2013, and closes at 11:59pm Nepal local time on Thursday, 31 October 2013.There is no entry fee.



A panel of judges will be formed of the IOM Nepal, the EU Delegation to Nepal and professional Nepalese photographers. There are four components of the judging criteria:


1 Relevance Is the photograph relevant to Nepalese migration overall?
2 Creativity Does the photograph represent Nepalese migrant(s) and/or their families and/or migration challenges of Nepal in a unique and interesting approach?
3 Composition Does the photograph tell an interesting and significant migration story through the image?
4 Techniques Does the photographer have good skills to represent the subject(s)?


Grand Prize

Grand prize is a CANON EOS 700D, a digital single lens camera. It will be given to the best entry chosen by the panel of judges. The Best 12 photos including the grand prize winning photograph will be published as a desktop photo calendar for the year 2014. Participation prizes (the photo calendar, certificate of appreciation and special gifts from the IOM and the EU) will also be given to those best 12 entrants.



The results of the contest will be announced in November 2013 on the official website of IOM Nepal, the United Nations Nepal Information Platform, the IOM Nepal’s officieal facebook page and twitter page, and through a press release. Only the grand prize winner and top 11 photographers will be contacted by the co-organisers after the contest.

For Information:

Visit the IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest Official Webpage


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