The L’Oréal UNESCO 2019 Maghreb Fellowships For Women in Science (Fully Funded to Morocco)


Application Deadline: July 31st 2019.

The L’Oréal UNESCO Maghreb Fellowships For Women in Science aim at promoting the participation of young women in science. This program determines and rewards young talented female researchers in the Life Sciences (biology, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, biotechnology, ecology, biochemistry) and the Physical S ciences (physics, chemistry,mathematics, engineering, information sciences, earth and universe sciences).

Founded in 2007, the L’Oréal UNESCO Maghreb Fellowships aim to distinguish young
women researchers for the quality of their works and to encourage them to pursue a brilliant career in science. The L’Oréal UNESCO Maghreb Fellowships For Women in Science 2019 are set to be awarded to 5 young women scientists from 4 different countries of the Maghreb: Algeria,Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.

The Maghreb Fellowships Programme is established within the framework of a partnership between the Fondation L’Oréal and UNESCO.


Eligible for the fellowship applicants who are:
• Applying for a PhD or post doctoral studies.
• Not working p ermanently in 2019.
• Working on a PhD or having obtained it and willing to pursue research in one of
the fields cited in paragraph 1.
• Working in one of the 4 countries listed in paragraph 1.
• Max 35 year old at the closing date of the call for application s (31 July 2019).

Fellows’ Engagement
The Fellows will engage to:
• Continue their research work for which the L’Oréal UNESCO Maghreb Fellowship
For Women in and Science has been obtained
• Write a report on the research, subject of the fellowship, to be given to L’Oréal
Maroc and to UNESCO in t he following 2 years after the awarding of the
f ellowship (optional).
• Write a report on the use of the grant, to be submitted to L’Oréal Maroc and
UNESCO in the 2 years following the award of the fellowship (optional).
• Take an active part in L’Oréal’s a nd/or UNESCO’s dedicated programmes related
to gender and sciences, aimed at promoting women’s social role and recognition in society in general, and women’s involvement in scientific career and trainings in
• Attend the Maghreb Fellowships award ing ceremony to be held in Morocco, in
November 2019.
• Participation in the ceremony is required. The cost of traveling and
accommodation* for Fellows non residents in Morocco will be provided by
L’Oréal Maroc.

Selection Criteria
As established by the regional jury, the selection criteria are the following:
• The excellence of the applicant’s academic portfolio (including number, quality
and impact of their publications, conference presentat ions, patents …).
• The scientific quality of the research project.
• The innovative and promising character of the research work (relevant, original,
unique …) and its implementation in science.
• The socio economic impact of the project/ research.
• The candidate ’s professional experience

Applications can only be submitted through the online platform: by the
applicants themselves. An application is considered complete when it consists of all the following documents, in English or in French:
• A detailed resume (Curriculum Vitae) filled directly in the website
• Copies of diplomas obtained starting from the BS.
• A copy of an official transcript of undergra duate and graduate studies.
• A detailed abstract / description of the research project of maximum 2 pages.
• Other research projects in progress.
• A suggested project of the grant’s use, including a draft budget.
• The list of publications and patents.
• Recommendation letters from supervisor(s) and/or director of the scientific
institute or school where the thesis has been carried out.
• Letter of acceptance from the host laboratory for post doctoral studies.

Preliminary schedule
• Call for applications: from April 24 to July 31 2019.
• Deadline for Applications: July 31 2019.
• Evaluation of the applications and selection: August 1 st to September 30.
• Awards ceremony: November 2019.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the L’Oréal UNESCO Maghreb Fellowships For Women in Science


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