The National Academy of Information Technology for persons with disabilities (NAID) Building Capacities for African PWDs (Fully Funded to Egypt)

Application Deadline: August 31st 2019

nformation and Communication Technologies (ICT) bring prosperity and revolutionize life in many aspects. Realizing the significance of technology role in facilitating the daily life of citizens and valuing the principle of social justice,MCITseeks to disseminate ICT tools and make them available to all segments of the society nationwide, serving poor and marginalized areas with special focus on youth and women and persons with disabilities (PwDs)to have an inclusive Egyptian Society.

The National Academy of Information Technology for persons with disabilities (NAID)was established in July 2018, as a presidential initiative from Mr. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi -President of Egypt, to enable persons with disabilities to develop their skills and to take advantage of their inherent and exceptional abilities in achieving the goals of economic and social development in Egypt.

Grants:NAIDrepresents one station to provide training and capacity-building opportunities for PwDs by providing special content from lectures and training courses, which are tailored to the different types and degrees of disability and in collaboration with reputable institutions.Believing in the continental role played by Egypt and the role ofthe Academy in training and capacity-building for PwDs, NAID is providing its services not only onthe level of the Arab Republic of Egypt but also on the regional level.Applicants must be from 18 to 35years of age, have passed the secondary school and are aware of the basic principles of computer use.

The Provided Training:

The training aimed at developing the personal and technical skills of trainees and enhance their innovation capabilities. It provides technical training in communications and information technology programs, which includes the following areas:

•IT Essentials
•Call centers
•Introduction to innovation

The training will take place over two batches (60 participants per batch) which will be as follows:

•Training for African Youth with Disabilities (which will start on the 15thof September till the 25thof September 2019)
•Training for African Women with Disabilities (which will start on the 29thof September till the 7thof October 2019)

The grant will cover:
•Return flight tickets.
•Internal transportation
•Full accommodation for trainees.
•Training at the headquarters of the National Academy of Communication and Information technology for persons with disabilities.
•Final evaluation after the completion of the training period.The training programs will be determined according to the initial test which will be conducted for the potential candidates.

The deadline for submission will be the 31stof August. Attached the application form that should be sent before the deadline on the email account [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the NAID Building Capacities for African PWDs


  1. My name is Aline Berahino. i am deaf president for Burundi Deaf Women Association. i would be grateful if you could share me with the information which i will be very interesting in taking part training that will build my capicity to help deaf women in Burundi. Thanks


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