The National Liberty Museum’s Caretoons Contest 2013.


The National Liberty Museum is partnering with US Airways to present its annual Caretoons Contest, an international cartoon contest for adults and youth. The theme of this year’s contest is “Building Bridges.” The traits that divide us–religion, age, nationality, and more–also have the potential to become points of contact and discovery. Caretoons allow us to explore those points of contact in a playful, open-ended way

The National Liberty Museum’s Caretoons Contest was created in 2005 after a Danish newspaper published a cartoon which generated terrible violence. To channel this powerful art form for a positive purpose, the Museum invited the public to create cartoons which express their personal vision of peace, diversity and concern for others.

The theme of this year’s Caretoons Contest is “Building Bridges.”  The traits that divide us —religion, language, age, nationality and more— also have the potential to become points of contact and discovery.  Caretoons allow us to explore and celebrate these points of contact in a playful, open-ended way.

The National Liberty Museum invite you to submit your own Caretoon about “Building Bridges.”  Adults, children, and students are all welcome to enter the contest— and we encourage artists from outside of the United States to enter.  During our last Caretoons Contest, we received entries from 42 states and 105 countries!

We divide entries into four categories: Adult international, Adult national, Student international and Student national.  The grand prize winner in each category will receive $500 and be featured in one of the Museum’s exhibits!

To submit a Caretoon by mail or in person, click here for a pdf.  To submit a form electronically, click here. Be sure to read the Contest Rules & Guidelines below, as your submission requires that you agree to these terms.

Contest Rules and Guidelines

What is a “Caretoon”?:  
It is a cartoon which expresses your personal vision of peace, diversity, and concern for others.

Who should enter?:
The Caretoons Contest is open to anyone interested in participating.  People of all ages and levels of artistic ability are invited to submit an entry.

Entries will be judged in four categories:
1) International Adult (people ages 18 and up who live outside of the US)
2) National Adult (people ages 18 and up who live inside the US)
3) International Student (people ages 17 and under who live outside of the US)
4) National Student (people ages 17 and under who live inside the US)
Caretoons will be judged by a panel of professional artists, educators, Museum staff, US Airways leadership, and others.  Caretoons will be judged on four qualities: originality, clarity of message, relevance to contest theme (Building Bridges), and aesthetic appeal.  All judges’ decisions are final.

One winner from each of the four categories listed above will be selected.  S/he will receive $500 and his/her winning Caretoon will be displayed in one of the Museum’s exhibits.

How to create a Caretoon:
A Caretoon must be your original creation.  Caretoons featuring copyrighted or pre-designed clip art or other images are NOT acceptable.  No previously published cartoons.  You can create your Caretoon freehand or electronically.  Caretoons may be created in black & white or in color.  Caretoons should consist of one panel only.  Each Caretoon must be presented on a separate sheet of paper or in a separate file.  Please submit only 1 Caretoon per person or group. Caretoons must include a graphic; text is optional.  Hard copy submissions should be sent on an 8.5″ x11″ sheet of paper.  Online submissions should be a 300 dpi jpeg or hi-res pdf not to exceed 20MB and printable on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

How to enter the contest:
There are no entry fees; no purchases of any kind are required. There are two ways to enter:
1. Hard Copy:  Submit your Caretoon on an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper (it can be any weight or bond) along with a COMPLETED printed entry form (available by clicking here).  Print your name on the Caretoon exactly as it appears on your entry form.  Then, send or hand-deliver the entry form and Caretoon in a SINGLE ENVELOPE OR PACKAGE TO: National Liberty Museum, 321 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. 
Mark “Attention:  Caretoons Contest” on your package and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
2. Electronic Submission: Click here for the online entry form and attach your Caretoon as instructed.  Your file should be a 300 dpi jpeg or hi-res pdf not to exceed 20MB and printable on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  ENTRIES THAT EXCEED THESE SIZE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Usage rights:
Caretoons will not be returned to their creator.  The Museum reserves the right to display and/or publish your Caretoon and adjust its dimensions as needed.  You will be credited for your work wherever your Caretoon appears.  All entrants receive free membership to the National Liberty Museum and copies of any publication in which their Caretoon appears.


3 responses to “The National Liberty Museum’s Caretoons Contest 2013.”

  1. Andrzej Pacult Avatar
    Andrzej Pacult

    From Andrzej Pacult
    to: Caretoons Contest-“Building Bridges.”
    I tried for 4 days to send work for contest
    Liberty Museum server was not responding till today ,no explanation .
    email [email protected]

    1. Opportunities for Africans Avatar

      @andrzej: Keep trying, there is probably an issue with the server. All the Best.

  2. Chelsie Avatar

    Has the winner been announced yet? Because I submitted mine possibly at the last minute and I’m worried it was mailed late to where my entry couldn’t be judged. Also, would the people who don’t win be getting their artworks back? Because I’d really like to have it back if mine doesn’t win

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