Thought For Food (TFF) Ambassador Program 2020 for young changemakers

Application Deadline: August 1st 2020

Are you passionate about advocating for food system justice, global nutrition, agricultural innovation, farmers and food security, biotechnology, or entrepreneurship? You’ve come to the right place!

The TFF Challenge is open for anyone who wants to transform their ideas for a more sustainable and inclusive global food system into a real business.

The TFF Ambassadors make one of the most committed, passionate and engaged groups of volunteers globally. Launched in 2016, the TFF Ambassador Program has created uncountable connections and experiences for young changemakers and has taken the TFF movement to new heights by spreading our mission on a local level around the world.


The TFF Ambassador role entails the following tasks:

– Host meetups, events and other impactful activities focused on raising awareness about food and agriculture and the opportunities to innovate in this space.

– Play a role in regional, national, and international partnerships – Improve your entrepreneurial skills, build a strong network of fellow change-makers and create an impact at the local, regional and global levels.

– Gain access to exclusive resources, training, and tools that are going to supercharge your leadership skills and your ability to develop a community within your city.

– Deepen your professional experiences, expand your network and boost your credentials.


The TFF Ambassador agreement is set for a one-year term, up for renewal if both parties are interested.

What kind of activities do TFF Ambassadors organize?

Events, meetups and activities of any sort! Here are some examples: 

– Community development: meetups, farm visits, etc.

– Capacity and skill-building: boot camps, pitch training, etc.

– Collaborative innovation: hackathons, webinars, etc.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Thought For Food Ambassador Program 2020



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