United People Global (UPG) Sustainability Leadership Program 2021 (Fully Funded to the United States of America)

Application Deadline: December 31st 2020

For 2021 UPG is training and certifying 500 young leaders from all over the world and flying 60 of them to a FREE, complementary and immersive 1-week experience on an island in the USA: the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership. If this could be you or someone that you know, then take action and apply now or share this link.

UPG Sustainability Leadership is about positive citizen leadership on sustainability. It is a movement that encourages and enables citizens at all levels to take positive action. A movement inspired by the UPG’s commitment to do what we can with what we have, rather than wait for someone else to act. It is accurate to think of UPG Sustainability Leadership as a state of mind.

UPG believes that sustainability includes BOTH the usual “green” issues such as planting trees, recycling waste, managing energy, protecting the oceans AND that it also includes other issues that have been central to our societies for a long time such as: education, health, jobs, gender equality, sustainable consumption, sustainable production and more. For those who are familiar with it, UPG uses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  as a guide

With the support of courageous people and organisations, a total of 60 leaders, aged 18 to 35, from 31 countries in 7 world regions came together at the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership in Penobscot  Bay,  Maine, to learn about sustainability in an immersive environment during a  whole week.

Due to the many challenges brought to the world by a global pandemic the program needed to be fully reviewed and redesigned. And for the 2021 UPG Sustainability Leadership program, we have decided to bring this incredible training to up to 500 young leaders all over the world in an online program.

The syllabus includes training in project management, stakeholder engagement, communication, digital communications, and much more. Sustainability Leaders also explore how sustainability is related to economics, politics, law, culture, technology, education, and more.


Diversity among UPG Sustainability Leaders
UPG Sustainability Leaders include:

– people who are passionate in a specific area (e.g. jobs or education or oceans), there is no need to be passionate in all areas.
– people who have already taken action related to sustainability AND people who have NEVER taken action
– people from all world regions
– people aged 18 to 35
– people of different levels of education
– people who have a strong motivation to to be UPG Sustainability Leaders
– people who are willing and able to take action on sustainability
– people who believe in UPG’s mission to empower people to make the world a better place through positive action

Selection Criteria

  • UPG is looking for young determined people from all different paths of life and regions of the world. From well-experienced professionals to freshly graduated students.
  • The selection process considers four factors:
    A. Your Profile – this helps us to strive for diversity.
    B. Your Motivation – we select the most motivated C. Your Capabilities and D. The Potential for Impact.
  • UPG Champions have an advantage in the process as they demonstrate the required motivation. UPG Champions that are part of a local “Community of Champions” or Champions who are from a organisation that is a UPG Champion also have an advantage in the selection process as this contributes to a supportive environment for their work.


  • After completing the online training, all UPG Sustainability Leaders will receive a certification, and 60 of them will have the chance to attend to a complimentary 1-week presential training at Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership, in the USA, in summer 2021.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the United People Global (UPG) Sustainability Leadership Program 2021



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