University of Gondar Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) 2020 for East African Students (Fully Funded)


Application Deadline: May 30th 2019

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) at the University of Gondar awards a total of 160 graduate scholarships in the coming eight years, starting from 2018/19. The scholarship will directly benefit academically talented but disadvantaged youth from five East African countries – Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea (refugees in camps located in Ethiopia), Djibouti and South Sudan. The Graduate Scholars Program is designed to help Scholars to acquire transformational and leadership skills and demonstrate high professional and scholarly competencies to effectively influence global, regional, national and local socioeconomic development trends. The Program is technically and financially supported by Mastercard Foundation and will avail excellent academic and nonacademic support to Scholars during their stay at University of Gondar.

  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing

Eligibility Requirements

This scholarship is open only for International applicants who earn their Bachelor’s degree in the past 5 years in South Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea (Eritrean migrants, in Ethiopia) at the time of application and intend to be a full-time graduate student of PHYSIOTHERAPY, NURSING, SOCIOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY or LAW at the University of Gondar. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of applicants’ demonstrated academic ability, leadership potential, socioeconomic need and or disability if you are a male.


The scholarship is comprehensive and covers the costs of tuition, accommodation/boarding, stipend and additional program-related expenses as well as support on training programs, academic, financial literacy and social issues with the aim of developing capable and transformative leaders at grassroots and global levels. The scholarship adopts the approach of experiential learning and facilitates organizational attachments and summer-camps, among others, for scholarship holders.


The following resources provide more information about the University of Gondar, campus facilities, policies and university regulations. If you have any question or cannot find specific information, please contact us (website:; email: [email protected]).

Campus Facilities

The University of Gondar has five campuses. The University has a number of facilities including:

  • Banking services – The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has a full-service branch at the Tewodros campus. ATMs are located at:
    • The main gate of the University, Maraki (Dashen Bank, United Bank and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia)
    • The Atse Tewodros Campus near the Post Office (Commercial Bank)
    • The College of Medicine and Health Sciences and Hospital complex (CBE (3) and United Bank (1))
  • Library Services – the University has nine libraries that provide a wide range of library services, including computer laboratories, digital resources, training and support for students with disabilities.
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) facilities – the University provides technology support through a main office at the Atse Tewodros Campus and through offices in all faculties. There are several computer laboratories on campus, and students have access to free internet services through a username and password.
  • Guidance and Counseling Services – the University provides guidance and counselling services for all students, as well as community support services. Contact the Dean of Student Affairs for more information.
  • Center for Disability Studies – the Center for Disability Studies sponsors and coordinates research and services for students with disabilities and is connected to the Center for Community Based Rehabilitation.
  • Center for Community Based Rehabilitation – the Centre for Community-Based Rehabilitation works to support the full integration of people with disabilities into their communities.
  • Campus Security – Our Campus security team works to keep all staff, faculty and students safe while at the University.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the University of Gondar Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) 2020


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