VSO Nigeria International Citizen Service (ICS) Volunteering Program 2019 for young Nigerians.

Application Deadline: Sunday, 17th February, 2019

International Citizen Service (ICS) is a global volunteering experience which supports young people from all backgrounds to make a real difference to some of the world’s poorest people.  It was launched by the UK Prime Minister in March 2011, and is funded by the Department for International Development (DfID).

The programme has given thousands of 18-25 year olds across the UK and Nigeria the chance to join in the fight against global poverty.


Any Nigerian who falls under the age bracket 18-25
No skills or qualification are required to take part.
ICS look out for volunteers who are flexible, adaptable, team players, committed to learning and sensitive to the needs of others.


The ICS programme is usually three months, although from the recruitment, selection, induction and training, it might take up to four months.
Volunteers are not allowed to go home once they have signed up to be on the programme

Programme Details:

·         Volunteers will live and work in a community for 3 months.

·         Volunteers will work alongside UK volunteers in a team.

·         Volunteers will stay in a mixed pair of a UK volunteer and a Nigeria volunteer and will live with a local family (host home)

·           Volunteers will work with community-based organisations·         All volunteers are required to complete an action at home on their return to promote awareness of international development issues


Selected volunteers receive four days of training just before the start of the programme and further training in-country at the start of the programme.

·   This provides an opportunity to understand the ICS programme and for volunteers to begin developing the necessary skills to take part in the programme.

·   Volunteers also begin to look at cross cultural issues and team building.

Facilitation and Support:

·         One Project Officer and Two Team Leaders (one from UK, one from the host country) accompany the volunteers during the programme.·         They also provide training, mentoring and medical support if needed.


VSO pays for the following:

·         N2000 weekly allowance to the volunteers

·         Host home allowance for host home to feed volunteers

·         Transport allowance or arrange for transport in the case of group travels·         Medical and personal accident insurance (including emergency)*

Becoming an ICS volunteer provides young people with an opportunity to:

·         Learn more about how other people live and about themselves

·         Gain experience and skills which will enhance their employability

·         Do work which is of practical value to people in a developing country·         
Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes, which will enable them to play a positive role in their individual society.

Location: One of Enugu or Kwara State

Code of Conduct for all Volunteers

The success of each programme depends on volunteers treating each other, and all members of host communities, with respect.  The repercussions of inappropriate behaviour in a cross-cultural exchange are often impossible for volunteers to foresee, or even to understand during their quite short involvement.

Volunteers Must:·         Treat everyone equally and with respect, regardless of any difference.·         Abide by and respect all the laws of the country·         Always stay within host communities·         Respect the customs and cultures of host communities and specifically their host families.·         Take part in all the activities and phases of the programme, including pre-departure preparation and the post-programme review weekend.·         Live modestly, avoiding showy behaviour.Volunteers must not:·         Use or possess any illegal drugs or abuse prescription drugs.·         Drink for any reason, ICS in Nigeria is a dry program.·         Develop any exclusive and/or sexual relationship, which may adversely affect interaction within the group and the host community.·         Sexually harass any other person.·         Participate in any activity or work for personal monetary gain.·         Hitch-hike during the programme.·         Use Host Home computers under any circumstance.

Decisions that may seem sensible to one person or to a small group of people can sometimes put an entire programme at risk.  To help guard against these problems, all volunteers must conform to the above simple Code of Conduct, which, in our experience, form the foundation for a successful youth volunteer programme.  People who are interested in becoming volunteers should be comfortable with these standards and expectations before they apply.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the VSO ICS Volunteering Program 2019


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