WindAc Africa Student Sponsorship Program 2017 for students from South African Universities

Application Deadline: August 31st 2017

The sponsorship programme will entail a workshop taking place at the South African Renewable and Technology Centre (SARETEC), includes a pre-event networking evening and complimentary access to the 2-day WindAc Africa conference. WindAc further intend to support our sponsored students, who do not reside in the greater Cape Town area, with complimentary travel.
Through the sponsorship programme, SAWEA also introduces the mentoring option which aims to facilitate relationships between our sponsored students from South African universities and professionals currently working within the energy sector. The 10 month-short-term mentoring
proactively addresses gender issues in the sector by giving both female and male students access to inspiring female mentors.
  • Open to students from South African universities
  • Travel expenses and accommodation covered for students not residing in the greater Cape Town area
  • Student workshop at the South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARETEC) prior to the conference
  • Conference fees waived for 2 days
  • Selection of students based on a formal application for sponsorship
  • An active participation of the student at the conference is requested (either presentation, poster, …)

How to apply:

  • Please submit your sponsorship application with the following attachments to Matshidiso
    [email protected] before August 31st :
    1) WindAc sponsorship application form (filled-out)
    2) Terms and conditions of sponsorship (signed)
    3) Curriculum Vitae
    4) Copy of ID
    5) Academic record of the last term
    6) Degree obtained, if any
    7) Evidence of bursary, if any


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the WindAc Africa Student Sponsorship Program 2017 


  1. Good day I’m sending this massage for my little ones school to find out if it is possible to get a donation for the little ones it’s not goverment sponsored but it has a lot of parents trying too keep it afloat and are kids love the school and it will make there future brighter it’s a small school in Queenstown eastern cape called Oakwood Junior but they are needing a few things how do I go about as a individual to get some help for funding or to get someone to donate towards the school
    Kind regards Mariette coetzee


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