Yamaha Graphic Design Award 2015 (USD 10,000 Prize)

Application Deadline: November 1st 2014

THEME: Graphic Form of KANDO The Japanese word “KANDO” means for the heart “to be deeply moved, and inspired.

Graphic Design Award by Yamaha is a global award that looks for new designs of marks, symbols, and pictograms that, in a universal way, promote the theme of “concept” in the realest sense of the word.


The competition is open to established and emerging visual communication designers or design collectives.

Qualification requirements

•You are capable of communicating in English.

•At the time of award announcement, you agree in advanced that some of your personal information such as portrait and profile will be publicly announced.

•Even though group-entry is available, registration must be under only one of the representative’s names. Awards will also be announced only for that representative.


•For all digital work, please send your completed data converted in the following format.
Format: Please make all files JPEG and set the data within 1,200 x 1,200px. Set the resolution at 72 pixels/inch.
Colour Mode of the image: All data should have RGB colour setting. (The image with CMYK colour may not be displayed properly under certain browsing settings.)

•The winner will be asked to submit printable work data afterward. Therefore, it is recommended to create work data with Illustrator.

•Please note that when web special characters ( “, &, <, >, ©, etc.) are used within the tile of your work data, character conversion may occur to “Work title” within the confirmation email delivered after your application.
(During the review, the characters will be evaluated with the information as originally provided.)

•Entry period:
1st Sep. (Mon) 2014–31st Oct. (Fri) 2014
Form Application Period will be closed at 24:00 on 1st Nov. (Sat) Japan Standard Time.

•Primary Audit: mid Nov.

•Open Review: mid Nov. – early Dec.

•Final Review: mid Dec.

•Announcement The Grand-prix will be announced by global media (website, magazine etc.) in January 2015.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Yamaha Graphic Design Award 2015 





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