Youth Climate Action Challenge 2016 :Tackle Climate Action and win a fully funded trip to Merit360, New York USA)

Application Deadline: May 5th 2016

Climate change is a fact that no one can deny anymore. But it is a fact we can do something about. Action Connected, with World Merit, wants to catalyze tangible, quick-impact concepts to respond to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action.

Action Connected is World Merit’s official partner, a groundbreaking online fundraising platform promoting efficiency, sustainability and accountability in online fundraising for social change and community development projects anywhere in the world.

Ideal Candidate:

  • A young, motivated, engaged person that presents a sustainable and achievable solution to an imminent SDG13 related problem and is bringing all stakeholders (Funders, Implementers & Beneficiaries) involved to engage on Action Connected.

THE Opportunity

The three participants in the Youth Climate Action Challenge with the highest Action Connected scores scores will become Action Connected Ambassadors and will receive three fully funded scholarships to join Merit360 in NYC. Flights and accommodations are included. Winners will be assigned a mentor through Action Connected to support the rapid start-up of their projects, which they will share with the larger World Merit community during the Merit360 event. These 3 winners will participate in the SDG13 group.

All applicants who complete steps 1-4 will qualify to received personalized feedback from AC to improve their submissions and increases their opportunity for funding on the platform.

On May 5th, coinciding with “Climate Action 2016” at the University of Maryland, we announce up to 20 finalists. After this, you have until July 15th to prove yourself and your idea as the most worthy.

The three runner ups will be eligible for the following opportunities: a 6-month remote Fellowship with Action Connected, a 1-year mentorship program with Action Connected Advisory Board Member, and inclusion of your project as a featured case study on Action Connected Website.

The Challenge

What you do:

1. Identify a climate problem and upload a draft project plan on the World Merit platform. (It may also be an project / organisation that you have already started.) Find an example project plan and the requirements below.
Download draft project plan
2. After having your plan be reviewed and edited, upload your project plan to Action Connected platform under inclusive Climate Action Project Ideas.
3. Try to close Action Connected’s ‘Equitable Impact Project Cycle’ by identifying funders, implementers and beneficiaries for your idea. Click here to find out more.
4. Raise awareness of the need of your idea; engage with stakeholder, spread the word on social media.
5. Get funding for your project idea.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Youth Climate Action Challenge 2016


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