Yunus Center Social Fiction Design Competition 2023 for young creatives. (USD 10,000 Prize)


Application Deadline:  15 December 2022.

The Social Fiction Design Competition invites visionaries and dreamers all over the world with a knack for creative writing to share how they wish to see the world and the lives of young people in the year 2050.

This is a global platform encouraging Social Fiction to imagine a world we want to live in, a world free of social and environmental injustices that plague our communities. And it all starts with our imagination.


  • Compete and geta chance to win USD 10,000


  • The theme of the Social Fiction Design Competition is: “Imagine the Life of a Young Person in the World of 2050.”


  • No age restrictions
    • No geographical limitations
  • In min 1000 – max 5000 words, write a Social Fiction, taking the readers on a tour of what this fictional world in 2050 looks like.
  • Address one or more social and environmental focus areas in your writing:

Climate Change, Micro-credit, Agriculture, Technology and Innovation, Transport, Literature, Music, Waste, Circular Economy, Tourism, WASH, Employment, Sports, Health & Well-being etc.

  • Tell us how key players in the government, corporate houses, educational institutions, local businesses and/or community members are contributing to this new world.
  • Fill up the online application form and submit your Social Fiction writing!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Yunus Center Social Fiction Design Competition


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