1st Teen Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 (August 6-10 2013) Nairobi, Kenya.

Deadline: 25th July 2013, 0900 GMT

Are you between the ages of 15-19 and would like to understand how to be an ENTREPRENEUR?

Apply now to Teen Entrepreneurship Summit 2013.  Learn more about the VISION OF REDUCING UNEMPLOYMENT IN KENYA and how YOU can be a part of it.

The Teen Entrepreneurship Summit (TES) is a five-day long summer camp which will bring together 30 young leaders and entrepreneurs from all over Kenya. Over the course of their stay, these young people will listen to an array of lectures, engage in a series of discussions, participate in a line-up of experiential activities and have one-on-one sessions with assigned peer mentors who will guide them through the critical thinking process with regard to their respective projects. The summit will culminate in a TEDx event, bringing together speakers from a diverse range of fields to share their experience with the neophytes.
By the end of these five days not only would these young leaders and entrepreneurs in question have immensely developed their critical thinking skills, but they would also have forged long- lasting relationships with each other. These will be vital in ensuring their co-ordination, synergy and peer motivation as they work towards expanding the outreach of their activities.

Applications are now open! Go to to fill out the application to attend.

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