2014 Nordic Africa Institute Scholarships for PhD candidates

Deadline for applications: 1 October 2013

The Nordic Africa Institute, which encourages research and studies on Africa in the Nordic countries, invites applications for a couple of scholarships for a one or two months stay at the Institute to study at the Institute’s library. The scholarships cover travel expenses to and from Uppsala and include a shared office and free accommodation at Gästhem Samariten, centrally located in Uppsala.

Who can apply?
PhD candidates at universities and research centres in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) awarding doctoral degrees in social sciences and humanities, are eligible candidates, regardless of citizenship.

The PhD research should relate to current research at the Institute. The research at the Institute is organized into broad thematic clusters. The current clusters are Conflict, Security and Democratic Transformation; Urban Dynamics; Rural and Agrarian Change, Property and Resources; and African Links (new name for Globalization, Trade and Regional Integration). The application should indicate what research cluster(s) the PhD candidate intends to link up with during the time as scholarship holder and in what ways the PhD project relates to the cluster(s) in question.

The purpose of the scholarship
The purpose of the scholarship is to offer PhD candidates links to the existing research at the Nordic Africa Institute and to provide access to resources at the Institute, such as the NAI library with its  collection of literature on contemporary Africa (books, periodicals, newspapers, and government publications) with focus on social sciences.

Deadline for application
The scholarships are awarded annually and the applications must be in by October 1, 2013
(for a scholarship in 2014).

Further information:

Inga-Britt Isaksson Faris, e-mail

[email protected]

Phone: +46-18 471 52 47


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