2014/2015 French Government Effiel Scholarship Programme

effiel scholarships

Application Deadline: January 8th, 2014 

The Eiffel scholarship program was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a tool to  allow French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students for master’s  and PhD degree programs.

It helps to train future foreign policy makers, from the private and public sectors, in  education priority areas, and encourage applications from students from developing  countries to obtain a master’s level and from emerging and industrialized countries to obtain  a doctorate level.

The Eiffel excellence program offers two components:
– A Master component which helps fund a master level degree course from 12 to  36 months
– A Ph.D. component to fund mobility programs for 10 months under a thesis  joint supervision or co-tutorship (preferably for the second doctoral year).

If applications are subject to a single call for applications, application forms are specific to each component.

2014/2015 effiel scholarships

Areas of Study
The three major areas of study covered by the Eiffel program are:
– Engineering sciences at Master level, sciences in a broader sense for PhD level  (engineering sciences, exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry and life  sciences, nano and bio-technology, earth and environmental sciences, information  and communication sciences and technology),
– Economics and management,
– Law and political science
Academic level of study
In submitting applications for Eiffel scholarship program, French host higher education  institutions undertake to enroll students in one of the following courses:
– Courses awarding a Master degree,
– Courses awarding a Ph.D. through a thesis joint supervision or co-tutorship with a  foreign higher education institution partner.

Grant amount
 Master level
Eiffel scholarship-holders receive a monthly allowance of 1,181€ (1,031€ of maintenance  allowance and 150€ of monthly compensation), in addition to which are covered directly  various expenses:
– An international return travel
– Health insurance
– Cultural activities
They can also benefit from an additional accommodation allowance under certain  conditions

PhD level
Eiffel PhD scholarship-holders receive a monthly allowance of 1,400€, in addition to which  are covered directly various expenses:
– An international return travel (only one return trip will be covered for law and political  science students who would undertake several stays in France),
– Health insurance
– Cultural activities
They can also benefit from an additional accommodation allowance under certain  conditions.


  • Nationality: This program is for candidates of foreign nationality. Binational  candidates, one of which nationality is French, are not eligible.
  • Age: for programs leading to a master’s degree level, applicants must be at most 30  years old at the date of the selection committee, that is to say, born after 07/03/1983;  for PhD applicants, candidates must be aged at most 35 years old on the date of the  selection committee, that is to say, born after 03.07.1978.
  • Origin of applications: Only applications sent by the French institutions are  admissible. The latter undertake to enroll laureates in the training for which they were  selected. Applications sent by other means are not receivable. In addition, a  candidate nominated by more than one institution will see his application rejected.
  • The training involved: Eligible candidates are likely to incorporate a training course  of master level attested by a diploma, including engineering school, and PhD  candidates. The French trainings relocated abroad are not affected, fellows, non  doctoral, having to perform at least 75% of their studies in France.
  • Concurrent scholarships: Foreign students already receiving a scholarship from  the French government for another program at the time of filing the application are  not eligible, even if it is a scholarship that supports social coverage.
  • Eiffel doctoral Scholarship: an applicant who has already received an Eiffel scholarship under his PhD may not represent his candidacy again.
  • Eiffel master Scholarship: a candidate whose folder was not selected may not  represent its application in the following years, even if they change their field of  study.
  • Language level: institutions that screen non-francophone candidates must ensure  that their language level is in line with the level required by the training course.
  • Eventually, students currently studying abroad are given priority over those already  residing in France.

– Online of applications: September 25th, 2013
– Deadline for receipt of applications by Campus France: January 8th, 2014
– Publication of results: Week of March 17th, 2014
The results announcement as early as March, allows students who apply for other  scholarship programs, to be aware of the Eiffel proposal and to determine their choice of  study.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the French Government Effiel Scholarship


  • Eiffel Programme guide – 2014/2015 Session PDF format
  • Forms

    • Master Folder pane to download in PDF format (in french only)
    • PhD Folder pane to download in PDF format (in french only)


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