CEU Institute for Advanced Study JUNIOR AND SENIOR CORE FELLOWSHIPS 2014/15

Application Deadline: October 20 2013

The CEU Institute for Advanced Study (CEU IAS) is pleased to invite applications for its  core senior and junior fellowship programs for the academic year 2014/15. Fellowships  are available in all research areas of the social sciences and humanities, broadly defined. Fellowships run for the full 9-month period (Oct- June), for the 3-month “short fall
semester”, the 5-months “long fall semester” (Oct- February) or the 6-month spring  semester (Jan- June).
CEU IAS provides a stimulating environment in which the fellows can devote themselves  to their research and share their work with peers through weekly seminars and other  community programs. Fellows have access to all CEU facilities, including seminar and  conference space, computer services, and library resources.

They also benefit from  CEU’s vibrant international atmosphere, its strong ties in the CEE region and its location  in culturally rich Budapest. CEU IAS facilitates the fellows’ engagement with the CEU  and the Hungarian scholarly community by encouraging collaborative projects,
organizing joint public lectures, establishing student mentorship programs, and related
Scholars at CEU IAS receive accommodation in the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse and a monthly stipend. Fellows are expected to reside in Budapest during their fellowship  year, participate in the intellectual life of the Institute and pursue their research agenda.

Qualifications, experience, eligibility:
• Fellowships are highly competitive and fellows are chosen through a rigorous  selection process. The International Selection Committee will primarily consider  the quality of the research proposal as well as the applicant’s proven track record  or promise of scholarly productivity. We are looking for projects which are  innovative and intellectually promising.
• Fellows must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent in the social sciences or humanities at the  time of their application.
• Junior fellows must have a Ph.D. degree is issued in 2006 or later. Candidates who  obtained their Ph.D before 2006 are considered “senior” and must apply for a  senior fellowship. Candidates with PhDs more recent than 2006 may opt to be  considered for a senior fellowship instead of (but not in addition to) a junior  fellowship. Please mark this accordingly on the application form.

• Full time CEU employees and students are not eligible to apply for 6 years after  the ending of their studies/contract (degrees must be received and contracts must  have ended by December 31, 2007 or earlier.)
• Part time/temporary employees of CEU are not eligible for 3 years after their  contract ended (their contract must have ended by December 31, 2010 or earlier.)
• All nationalities are encouraged to apply for this type of fellowship. We have no  thematic restrictions (other than expecting proposals in the social sciences and  humanities only.)
• Recent (past 5 years) fellows of CEU IAS or Collegium Budapest are eligible to  apply but will only be considered in exceptional cases.
Terms and conditions:
Senior fellows receive a net monthly stipend of 2,500 Euros and junior fellows receive a  net monthly stipend of 1,400 Euros to help support their stay in Budapest. In addition, all
fellows and their families receive housing at the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse (https://www.ceu.hu/guesthouse). Utilities at the Guesthouse will be charged to the
Fellows. Fellows are also responsible for their own travel and health care provision.


How to apply?
The deadline for application is October 20, 2013.
You must use our online application system to apply for all the fellowships. If you are
applying for one of our Core Fellowships (Senior or Junior), you may still submit an  application for the Humanities Initiative Fellowship at the same time.

Step 1: Register at this website: https://studentinfo.ceu.hu/acad/ias/register.do
Step 2: After registration, you will receive a password which you must use to fill out the application form and upload the required documents in pdf format here: https://studentinfo.ceu.hu/acad/ias/login.do You may save your work, and log back in and submit it at a later time. All applications  must be submitted by midnight October 20, 2013.
You will be required to submit the following the material:

  • The online application form
  • A short description of your research project (max 1,000 words, which does not include references)
  • An abstract of a research project (max 150 words)
  • A CV including your most important publications (max 2,000 words)
  • For junior applicants ONLY: the name and email address of a referee
  • Applicants will be notified when their applications have been received, and will be notified of the result of the evaluation process by the end of February, 2014.

    For further information regarding your application and for more info on CEU IAS, please

  • visit: http://ias.ceu.hu.
  • Questions and comments may be sent to [email protected].


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