2015 UN Habitat Urban Youth Fund for youth-led projects (USD 25,000)

Application Deadline: April 30 2015

The UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund empowers global youth by providing grants and capacity building to selected organizations in developing countries. Yearly, more than 8,000 youth-led organizations start the application process for a grant of up to $25,000.
Approximately 30 organizations are selected to receive a grant and capacity building support every year. These organizations span various sectors, from technology and agriculture to education and poverty reduction.

This Fund supports urban youth in developing countries. It aims to advance the achievements of the Millennium Development goals and the Habitat Agenda by providing grants up to USD 25,000 to youth-led projects piloting innovative approaches to employment, good urban governance, shelter and secure tenure.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Young people aged 15 – 32 years who are piloting innovative approaches to employment, good urban governance, shelter, secure tenure and risk rehabilitation
  • Support will be provided primarily for those working to improve slum conditions and to raise opportunities for young people growing up in poverty.
  • Projects encouraging gender equality or involving partnerships with the government or the private sector are particularly encouraged.


E-Mail: [email protected].

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  UN Habitat Urban Youth Fund


One response to “2015 UN Habitat Urban Youth Fund for youth-led projects (USD 25,000)”

  1. azuley tawiah isaac Avatar
    azuley tawiah isaac

    Please am a youth in Ghana,from the Northern part of the country,currently at the korle-bu school of hygiene reading environmental health final year.
    I have this project of encouraging all cluster of schools pupil to bring their plastic sachet for prices which when I get a good support it will prevent the chocking drain drains of plastics to prevent flooding to save lifes,creat opportunities for job and add value to plastic but I have not had a support. Please kindly support me to save lives and prevent the indiscriminate disposal of plastics in my community.

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