2016 Mintek’s Undergraduate/Postgraduate Bursary Programme in South Africa, 2016

Application Deadline:
Undergraduate Bursary- 31 July 2015.

Mintek’s Postgraduate Bursary Programme (for Masters Studies and above)- Ongoing


Applications to Mintek’s Undergraduate Bursary Programme (including Honours) for 2016 are now open.

Undergraduate Bursary Programme

Mintek’s Undergraduate Bursary Programme ensures a steady supply of trained and highly skilled technical people for Mintek to meet a major portion of company’s  operational, research and development manpower needs, and also to provide appropriately-skilled graduates to the broader South African minerals and metallurgy sector, as per Mintek’s Mission Statement.


  • The Mintek bursary covers the full payment of registration, tuition and residence fees, plus an allowance with a commitment to work at Mintek on a year-for-year basis.
  • On completion of studies, bursars undergo intensive training is aimed at developing them into exceptional engineers/scientists.

Vacation Work

Mintek bursars are obliged to undertake vacation work at Mintek at the end of their first, second, and third undergraduate years for approximately 8 weeks. Vacation work affords Mintek the opportunity to impart to bursars the necessary knowledge, skills and experience that is needed for research, development and technology transfer to industry, and to evaluate them as potential employees.

Through the placement of the bursars at the various technical divisions Mintek ensures that students’ get the essential exposure to high level project work relevant to the business and the minerals sector.

Mintek hosts only its bursars for vacation work, owing to limited supervisory capacity and project availability.

Postgraduate Bursary Programme

Mintek’s Postgraduate Bursary Programme further equips undergraduates through the development of research methodology skills at the Masters level, followed by the generation of original research that contributes new knowledge to a field at the Doctorate level.


  • Bursaries cover the full payment of registration, tuition and residence fees, plus an allowance with a commitment to work at Mintek on a month-for-month basis.
  • Bursars are also given the opportunity to work closely with experts in their field of interest as well as in other disciplines


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Mintek Bursary Programme


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