2016/2017 Charles M. Vest NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering International Scholarship Program for study in the USA

Application Deadline: October 15th 2015

The Charles M. Vest NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering International Scholarship Program offers an unprecedented opportunity for international graduate students to work and study at one of nine US universities performing leading research in one or more of the areas described in the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges for Engineering.

The goals of the Vest Scholarships are to provide a platform to exchange ideas, share problem-solving skills and strengthen international  relationships in order to advance progress in some of the most critical global challenges in the twenty-first century.

The NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering are 14 ways engineering can change the world for the better in the 21st century—from making solar energy economical to providing access to clean water. The challenges were proposed in 2008 by an international group of leading technological thinkers, from human genome pioneer J. Craig Venter to Google co-founder Larry Page, as a panel convened by the US National Academy of Engineering.


  • Applicants must be currently enrolled and in good standing in an eligible graduate-level (master’s or doctoral) engineering or engineering-related program at the time of application and during the scholarship year.
  • Applications will be accepted from students at non-U.S. institutions that participated in the 2013 NAE/Royal Academy of Engineering/Chinese Academy of Engineering Global Grand Challenges Summit held in London. See a list of eligible institutions

Scholarship Worth:

The Vest Scholarships offer applicants:

  • The opportunity to spend a year at a leading US engineering school pursuing research to address one of the 14 NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering
  • Living and travel expenses and tuition covered by the host institution for the 12-month duration of the scholarship
  • An opportunity to perform research in the laboratory of a leading faculty scholar
  • Access to relevant engineering classes and academic credit toward their graduate degrees (subject to the policies of the host institution and agreement between the host institution and student’s degree-granting institution)

Selection Process:

  • Applicants will be asked to submit a personal statement proposing a one-year research and study plan that addresses one of the 14 NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering.
  • Winning statements will be those that present the most compelling and potentially impactful proposal, and that map best onto Grand Challenge activities at the participating institutions.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Charles M. Vest NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering International Scholarship Program


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