2017 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering ( £1 million Prize

Application Deadline: 17.00pm BST ON 26 August 2016.

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a global £1 million prize that celebrates a ground-breaking innovation in engineering. The prize rewards an individual or team of engineers whose work has had a major impact on humanity.

The QEPrize celebrate stories of these engineering successes, raising the international public profile of engineering and inspiring new generations of engineers to take up the challenges of the future.


Entry to the Prize is open to:

  • any living individual (or not more than three living individuals working as a team);
  • of any nationality;
  • who is personally responsible for a ground-breaking innovation in engineering which has been of global benefit to humanity. Self nomination is not permitted.
  • The Trustees reserve the right to reject any nomination where, in their reasonable opinion, there is or is likely to be a conflict of interest between the nominees, nominators or any referees and any other nomination or the Prize more generally.


The judges will use these criteria to select the winner, or winners, of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering:

  • What is it that this person has done (or up to five people have done) that is a ground-breaking innovation in engineering?
  • In what way has this innovation been of global benefit to humanity?
  • Is there anyone else who might claim to have had a pivotal role in this development?

The Prize

The winners will be awarded:

  • a total cash prize of £1 million (one million GBP); and
  • appropriate memorabilia to be decided by the Trustees in their sole discretion (the “Prize”).In the event that the Prize is received by more than one individual (but not more than three individuals, as above) collaborating under a single nomination, the Prize money will be shared between the winners as determined by the Trustees in their sole discretion on the advice of the Judging Panel.

Method of entry

There are two ways to enter to be considered for the Prize:

  • Suggestion: if you have limited information on individual innovators but would like to suggest people and / or innovations, then these will be collated and considered in the judging process.
  • Nomination: If you can provide more detailed information on the nominee including suitable referees: the official nomination form (the “Nomination Form”) available on the Prize website at www.qeprize.org must be used.

Nominate Now for the 2017 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering



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