APNI Young African Phosphorus Fellowship 2020 for Early Career Scientists Researching Phosphorus Management in African Agriculture ( $5,000 Prize)

Application Deadline: June 1st 2020

New Award Announced for Early Career Scientists Researching Phosphorus Management in African Agriculture

The Young African Phosphorus Fellowship Award Program is co-sponsored by the African Plant Nutrition Institute , Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

The African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI) has announced a new fellowship program to encourage scientific programs relevant to understanding and improving phosphorus (P) management in African agro-ecosystems.

The Young African Phosphorus Fellowship will confer awards of $5,000 (U.S. Dollars) to five early-career scientists working in either a National Agricultural Research and Extension System (NARES) institution or African university.


1 Scientists working at an African NARESi institution or university who are age 40 or younger at the time of application are eligible for the Fellowship.
2 Applicants must submit a creative proposal that addresses current knowledge gaps or synthesizes existing information leading to improved P management. Include a description of how the award will be used (such as to support research activities and/or support travel) to achieve the proposal objectives.
3 Evidence of any scientific partnerships and institutional collaboration will be reviewed favourably. Female scientists are especially encouraged to apply.

In order to complete the application process, you will need to submit the following materials in English or French:

1 A description of how the Fellowship will lead to improved understanding of P management in agricultural systems. This should outline any new research, data synthesis, or travel that will be supported with the Fellowship funds. Include sufficient detail that will permit evaluation of its originality, innovative approach, and relevance.
2 Electronic copy of two letters of support, one of which must be from the applicant’s supervisor. Letters must be signed and written on official letterhead and include the phone number and e-mail address of the letter writer.
3 A resume that includes date of birth, academic degrees, and any relevant publications dealing with P behaviour in soil, water or plants.
4 A short report will be required at the end of the award period that describes how the funds were used to support the outcomes of the proposal.
5 You will be required to upload documents during the on-line application process. It is recommended that electronic (pdf) copies of these documents be prepared in advance.

Application must be made by 1 June, 2020. Announcement of the Awards recipients will be made in August 2020, and the financial award will be presented to the winners as soon as practical thereafter.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the APNI Young African Phosphorus Fellowship 2020


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