Baraza Media Lab Incubator for non-profit & for-profit organizations in Kenya ($2500 stipend)


Application Deadline: September 17th, 2021

Baraza’s Incubator will host for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as individuals and teams who wish to create an organization or implement a specific innovative project in the media space.

Baraza will assist the incubated startups with support in developing a route to commercialization, formulation of an outstanding management team, beta testing a product or service that addresses a real need in the community, marketing ingenuity, sound legal advice, as well as a grant to cushion the experimental phase.

The maximum time of supporting organizations or projects is 12 months from the date of their selection


  • Strategic advice and mentoring from local and international experts
  • Networking opportunities for potential partnerships or team building locally and abroad
  • Access to workshops and events organized by us
  • Workplace essentials (office space, internet, etc.)
  • Introduction to potential investors or and links to strategic partners
  • A $2500 stipend towards the development of the business, disbursed within the incubation period
  • Business training programs (governance, government relations, presentation skills, management skills, business etiquette, etc.)
  • Assistance selecting an Advisory Board and industry-related mentors
  • Baraza takes up 5% of the business’ shareholding.

Application Procedure:


All interested parties can submit applications within the predetermined period which is announced periodically and in a timely manner, by the organization. Applications are ONLY open to companies operating in Kenya.

Selection Process

The selection is conducted with a group of 5 (professionals from Kenya and the Baraza Media Lab Team), who will evaluate candidates based on predefined criteria. The committee will only select and reach out to the top five organisations to go through with the incubation. This number can grow depending on the availability of funds for the program.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Baraza Media Lab Incubator


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