Bezos Scholars/African Leadership Academy South African Ideas Festival 2016 , South Africa (Partially Funded)

The South Africa Ideas Festival (SAIF) is a Local Ideas Festival (LIF) held in South Africa and run by the Bezos Scholars from the African Leadership Academy, South Africa. It is a 3-day festival which brings together innovative and passionate African youths from around Africa to develop and showcase their BIG Ideas for impact.

How to Apply

  • Every year SAIF team looks for 30 exceptional youths from across the African Continent to attend and experience the South Africa Ideas Festival.
  • Successful participants are inspired African youths with big ideas to change their communities as well as the African continent on a larger scale.

Every year the South African Ideas Festival hosts some of the most inspirational speakers or enterprises from around the world, especially Africa. They speak about their experience in the world of business and offer advice and skills to our participants on how they can develop their ideas into businesses and create impact.

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants need to meet a certain criteria before their application can be considered. This is to ensure that our festival is solving the right cause. 

·         The applicant needs to be of African descent or a citizen of an African country
·         The applicant needs to be between the ages of 16-20 years

Cost and Fees 

All successful applicants and thus participants of the festival will be partially sponsored to attend the festival. 

Costs covered by SAIF
·         Accommodation for the duration of the festival
·         All meals and snacks for the duration of the festival
·         All materials used during the festival​​
Costs not covered by SAIF
·         Transportation to and from the festival venue
·         Visa application fees if participant is travelling from a country that requires one

or you can download the application form.

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