CcHUB Graduate Internship Programme 2021 for young Nigerians.


Application Deadline: April 11th 2021

CcHUB Graduate Programme

CcHUB is not your typical organization. Here we believe that everyone has something unique to offer towards the economic prosperity of Africa. Our goal is to get you to unleash your inner genius to solve social issues leveraging technology and innovation. For this 3-month programme, we are on the hunt for graduates with a keen interest in technology and a desire to transform the landscape of Africa as a continent. If you are tech-savvy, confident, driven and willing to roll up your sleeves to get work done, you are just who we are looking for!


Learning & Fun

You’ll get 3 months of growing and learning while having fun.


we offer personal career advisory and support sessions.

Soft-skill trainings

You’ll learn essential skills to thrive in a 21st century workplace.

Forward Thinking

Interaction with industry leaders and forward-thinking professionals.

Area of Career Focus.
Spend the next 3 months of your life building an exciting and impactful career with us through any of the following paths.

Creators & Creatives

  • Software Development (Front / Backend)
  • UI / UX Design
  • Product Management
  • Digital Marketing


  • Education/Education Technology
  • Public Health
  • Governance and Digital Security
  • Incubation/Startup Support
  • Project Management


  • Finance
  • People (Human Resources)
  • Data Analysis

How it Works

How it Works.

Select a track and kick-off your journey to becoming a CcHUBer

Select a Track

This is the first step to a world of possibilities and an exciting career path

Submit Application

We will love to know a bit more about our potential colleague! Submit your application and we will get to reviewing it

Group Assessment

We loved learning about you on paper! Now is the time to assess if you will be a good cultural and behavioural fit for our Company.

Unit Assessment

This will involve a task and an interview with your potential team. The goal here is to leave a lasting impression!


You are in! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to work with you. Fill out all the paperwork.


Welcome to Team CcHUB!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CcHUB GraduateProgramme 2021


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