CFI Sada Project for Sudanese journalists & content creators


Application Deadline: 27 November 2022

Call for applications for journalists focusing on economic and financial issues in Sudan to benefit from a training on economic and data journalism organised in Sudan by CFI.

In the frameworks of its projects in Sudan, CFI, the French media development agency, is pleased to invite journalists and content creators at various professional levels focusing on covering economic and financial issues and producing economic and financial related content in Sudan to apply for a training aimed at enhancing their skills that will be covering economic journalism  and data journalism.

The training is particularly aimed at journalists in Sudan who have:

  • Proven economic and/or financial journalistic skills and the desire to deepen them;
  • An interest in economic issues in Sudan and the will to cover these topics.


To apply for this training program, you must:

  • Be a journalist living in Sudan – Youth, particularly women, and disabled people are encouraged to apply;
  • Have proven economic or financial journalistic skills and the desire to deepen them;
  • Have an interest in economic issues and economic reform and the will to cover these topics;
  • Be available to attend the applicable training sessions in Khartoum and commit to attending them (travel and accommodation fees will be covered by CFI);
  • Have the language proficiency to attend the trainings in Arabic;
  • Commit to produce content related to the training programme and authorize CFI to reproduce and disseminate them (non-commercial use).
Training programme

Two different components will be part of the training program that will take place in Khartoum:

  1. Understanding economic and financial data and producing journalistic contents (3 days) which will include the following:

– Economic and financial data sources and investigation

– Economic and financial journalism and media coverage of economic and financial issues and reforms

– Producing media contents based on facts and analysis

  1. Understanding data journalism and producing contents based on data and data visualisation (3 days) which will include the following:

– Data visualisation tools

– Data analysis and data storytelling

– How to create simple economic and financial content using data and data visualisation tools (interactive graphs and charts, infographics, etc.)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CFI Sada Project


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