Hivos Call for Participants: Animation and Archiving for Creatives Training and Workshop, ROOM – Southern Africa.

Application Deadline: November 8th 2021

Are you a creative from Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe interested in expanding your content creation portfolio through animation? Do you also want to learn how to preserve your content for better content management through long-term reliable archiving? Register with us for a practical animation and archiving training and workshop specifically designed for you!

Register as an organization or individual and get the opportunity to:

  1. Gain first hand practical training and experience on using animation for packaging and producing critical content.
  2. Be informed on best animation and archiving tools and platforms suitable and reliable in the region.
  3. Gain an appreciation of archiving and its importance in preserving knowledge, content and record keeping, and set up platforms and/ or accounts.


  1. Subscription to animation platforms for further future animated content creation for you and/ or your organization.
  2. Access to reliable archiving tools and platforms including opening of individual or organizational accounts for continued archiving and data management.
  3. Paid promotions on animation video clips produced during the training on our regional Hivos Southern Africa social media platforms, including profiling of the content creators.
  4. Workshop and Training onboarding support as per the workshop and training requirements and participants’ needs.

Eligibility criteria:

To reserve a seat in the training kindly send to [email protected] or simply register through this link.

  1. A brief bio about you and the work that you do. (The bio will be used to profile the creatives who successful produce animated videos). 100 words max
  2. A topic you would like to address in your animation clip. The topic must address or challenge social norms in your community or globally.
  3. A list of any priorities for archiving that you would like the workshop to address.
  4. Links to any of your social media platforms.

Feedback on participation will be shared with all applicants by 16 November 2021.

NB: Selection is on a first come first serve basis. Female creatives and makers from marginalized and/or low income communities are encouraged to apply.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Animation and Archiving for Creatives Training and Workshop, ROOM


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