Cisco Associate Consulting Engineer Graduate Programme 2021 for young South Africans


By joining the Customer Experience Delivery team you will become a trusted advisor to our customers. You will consult with them to build a solid, long-term relationship, providing thought leadership in solving their technology challenges and supporting them in achieving their business outcomes. On a day to day basis, this involves working with them directly to review their technical business requirements in order to propose new technology designs that will meet their current and future needs. This will involve the provision of a range of IT consultancy services and the creation and presentation of project documentation incorporating elements design, implementation and testing in line with Cisco standards.

On an average day this means:

*                Navigate customers through evolving technology and digital transformation

*                Prepare customer’s business and technology infrastructure for emerging trends

*                Propose and review data center, cloud, network or security designs exceeding business specifications 

*                Install, configure, and integrate new solutions or applications of Cisco and Third Party solutions

*                Keeping an eye on the ever increasing security requirements and constantly evolving threat landscape

*                Manage or optimize existing network or cloud infrastructure with redundancy and risk mitigation in mind

*                Solve technology and software problems that cross a broad range of technologies, help reduce risk and increase operational efficiency

*                Opportunity for travel and face-to-face customer consulting as required 

*                Building a specialization in a specific technology, customer or market segment, based on broad general training

Participate and thrive in the Cisco team culture, built on openness and transparency. You will spend the start of your career with Cisco in one of our training hubs (Krakow, Poland) where you will have the opportunity to connect and socialize with a large group of likeminded associates from all over Europe. Through world class training you will have the opportunity to become a leading expert in Software, Cloud, Mobility, Security, Collaboration or Datacenter. You will then move into your permanent role where you will be given real responsibility from day one. You will have the opportunity to combine your degree education with learnings from our advanced training environment to build creative solutions to real business challenges. We want you at the heart of the Cisco transformation to software, services, and solutions. We offer a fantastic work environment while you will receive a competitive salary and generous benefit; including ability to work remotely and lead a balanced lifestyle. 

What you will need to succeed:

*    You are excited by the fascinating world of Cisco software, security or infrastructure solutions, and you love to see customers succeed. 

*    You have minimum a BS/BA from a 3-4 year technical program degree in Engineering, Cyber Security, Computer Sciences, Physics or Mathematics preferred

*    You are able to live and work in South Africa with no additional VISA sponsorship from Cisco 

*                You are fluent in English

*                 A technology enthusiast, enjoying talking about innovation and always keeping up with the latest technology news.

*                A strong communicator with the confidence to engage and talk to a wide range of people.

*                View team collaboration as instrumental to achieving success.

*                Enjoy looking at practical real life challenges and think creatively to solve them.

*               Approach situations with an open and curious mind, taking on challenges with an eye for opportunity.

Programme structure (TBC due to Covid):

*                First 6 or 12 months (together with all associates from across EMEAR): full-time training, shadowing and job rotation in Krakow (Poland). Cisco will support you with the relocation to Poland and with obtaining a Visa/Work Permit when applicable. If you have no work experience this will act as your transition from university campus to work life.

*                After 6 or 12 months: join the local CX team in South Africa, assuming ownership and responsibility of regional CX deliverables and customer success, supported by ongoing mentorship and guidance to accelerate your continuous development. Shape solutions of real world challenges, closely mentored and integrated into our diverse team.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Cisco Associate Consulting Engineer Graduate Programme 2021



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