Co-Creation(CcHub) Diaspora Challenge 2017 for Disporian Africans.

Let’s mobilise the Diaspora community to build scalable business solutions to social challenges in Africa. ‘CcHub Diaspora Challenge’, an international project that will engage entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists from African communities in the UK and source scalable business solutions to social challenges in Africa.

CcHub is a social innovation center dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity

Thematic Focus

CcHub are seeking business ideas that make an impact in these 3 critical sectors:

  • EducationHow might we harness the potential of technology to bridge the education gap and unlock the potential of the young people of Africa?
  • FinTech

How might we connect the unserved & underserved population in Africa to affordable financial services using readily available technology?

  • Energy

How might we use technology to effectively distribute clean and affordable energy to homes & industries across Africa?

Suitable Ideas

  • Does your idea solve a clear problem/issue that affects a large number of people in Africa?
  • Does the idea improve on an existing process/solution or is it completely new i.e. hasn’t been done locally?
  • Does your solution leverage digital technology (web or mobile) for its execution?
  • Have you taken time to research the problem/issue and have a clear picture of the target segment it affects?
  • Do you have (or have access to) the skills to implement your proposed solution?
  • Are you prepared to spend the next nine (9) months building the solution and going out to understand your potential uses?


  • Prototype Funding
    $15,000 per idea to fund prototype development
  • Business Advisory
    Provide insight in support of strategic planning & execution

  • Seed Investment
    On the path for up to $250,000 seed investment from Growth Capital
  • Market Access & Network
    Connect to strategic partners in African countries to support market entry processe
  • Mentorship
    Connect to mentors to provide honest & constructive feedback as well as industry guidance when necessary

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CcHub Diaspora Challenge 2017


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