2015 Do School/H&M Packaging Challenge for emerging entrepreneurs, Hamburg Germany.

Application Deadline: 27 November 2014
The One-Year Program with the Packaging Challenge
Location: Hamburg
Open for emerging social entrepreneurs from around the world, aged 21 – 31
H&M Germany challenges you to create an innovative packaging system for one of its product lines! The goal is to minimize waste and energy, optimize the handling process and create maximum recycling and upcycling opportunities along the way. The solution should aim to be globally scalable and economically viable
The one-year fellowship allows 20 emerging entrepreneurs to come to hamburg to solve a Ten-week group challenge for h & m germany. next to creating innovation for h & m, The fellows will develop  their own start-up plans, which they’ll implement in their home countries during the following ten months.
The one-year program is a competitive fellowship enabling emerging social entrepreneurs to plan and implement their own ventures. Fellows receive start-up training, engage with current experts, and create change by implementing their social start-ups in their your own communities.
The DO School program is ideal for outstanding mission-driven people who are looking for the tools, skills, and mentoring to launch a social start-up
  • The program takes place in two phases, the ten-week Incubation Phase on campus in Hamburg and the ten-month Implementation Phase in the Fellows’ home countries.
  • During the Incubation Phase they will develop their individual business plans and next to that, solve a real life group Challenge posed by a company or organization to learn hands-on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to successfully take action.
  • During the Implementation Phase each Fellow starts his/her own mission-driven venture.
who Should Apply
  • The DO School invites applications from emerging social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs aged 21 to 31 from around the world, with relevant interest and skills as well as an idea for a venture that they want to implement during DO School Fellowship.
  • Successful candidates may come from, but are not restricted to the fields of packaging technique and design, sustainability studies, logistics, environmental engineering, urban planning, land use planning, architecture, fashion and design, as well as environmental advocacy, retail and human resource management.
  • Incubation Phase, DO School campus in Hamburg, Germany: 3/2015 – 5/2015
  • Implementation Phase, in the Fellows’ home countries: 5/2015 – 3/2016


  • The DO School fellowship is a highly subsidized program, which means participants pay only a small portion of the actual costs as their tuition fee. For One-Year Programs in Hamburg the tuition fee is 1,000 € excluding travel and living expenses throughout the Incubation Phase in Hamburg. This only applies to Fellows who can afford to pay the full tuition and their own costs, for everyone else there is financial aid available.


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