2015 World Youth Alliance Headquarters Internship Programme, USA

Application Deadline: October 24 2014
The World Youth Alliance HQ Internship Program is an opportunity for young people who are inspired by the ideas and work of the World Youth Alliance to study more closely the ideas which have formed the organization and to contribute practically to its international and regional projects.
A variety of formal and informal educational programs are offered to members to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of human dignity.
Track A Training
Members will learn WYA’s mission even more deeply as they articulate the dignity of the person through readings and discussions about international law and human rights,economic and social development, and a historical examination of key violations of human dignity throughout history.
Track A Training?
To be eligible in the internship program you must be a World Youth Alliance Member and have finished WYA’s Track A Program. Track A is a set of foundational readings that help to understand our mission. Each regional office has ongoing Track A programs that you can enroll in for free.
WYA White Paper and Advocacy Training
WYA’s compendium of white papers provide a straightforward analysis of the most salient topics in global health policy discussions. Interns will gain practical and theoretical knowledge about international, regional, and national policy-making.
FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management Training)
This training offers a scientific understanding of how women’s hormonal activity is central to the body’s overall health as well as to the reproductive system. Interns will advance in an understanding of how an educational and preventative approach to women’s health supports healthier decisions.
  • The  internship program is open to university students, recent graduates, and young professionals. Ideal candidates possess a strong passion for the defense of human dignity.
  • WYA seek committed members with a variety of skills that are necessary to the work that WYA do.

The International Internship Program is open to all World Youth Alliance members between the ages of 18 and 30 who have completed Track A, have completed a regional internship, or are active members in their region. Internships are voluntary and may be done on apart-time or full-time basis. Eight interns are accepted for each internship period in New York, and our regional offices have space for 2-8 interns, depending on the regional office.

How to Apply
There is a standard application process for the WYA International Internship Program. Before you apply, we strongly encourage you to visit our website (www.wya.net) to know more about the organization and to see if our programs are the right fit for you. IMPORTANT: Incomplete applications will not be processed.
Application Requirements
1. Completed application form
2. Resumé or Curriculum Vitae
3. Essay on Application Form
4. Two letters of recommendation
5. If you are not yet a WYA member, your signed copy of the WYA charter
To increase one’s chances of being accepted for the International Internship, the member must:
•Have successfully completed Track A Training and be accredited
• Be active in the WYA region to which they belong or have completed a WYA internship.
When submitting your application via email, please put in the subject line Attn: Internship Application (Your Name).
Submit applications to:  [email protected]
You will receive a confirmation receipt via email within three weeks of the internship application deadline only if your application is complete. If your application satisfies the criteria for selection, someone from our internship committee will contact you to arrange an interview.
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