European Commission’s 2017 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize for Outstanding Reporting on Development & Poverty Eradication (€5 000 Euros Prize)

Application Deadline: 10 March 2017, 23:59:59 Central European Time (CET)

The European Commission announces the launch of the 2017 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize, which recognises outstanding reporting on development and poverty eradication. The Prize is open to professional and amateur journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.

Launched with the hashtag #TellMyStory, the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize celebrates the best traditions of journalism in uncovering powerful and moving stories, giving a voice to those who often find it impossible or difficult to be heard.

The Prize is an opportunity for journalists to demonstrate their commitment to reporting on development, poverty eradication and democracy, as well as inspiring people to improve lives in their own communities.


  • All entries must have been published (print or online), broadcasted or have appeared in an agency dispatch for the first time between 11 March 2016 and 10 March 2017.
  • Written stories (article, online piece, or blog) should be a maximum of 1000 words. There is no minimum length requirement.
  • Audio-visual work (TV and radio) should not be longer than 10 minutes. If the size of the audio-visual work exceeds the upload capacity of the application form, please share a link to the piece on YouTube or another platform.
  • Entries may be submitted in any language, though if not in English, French or Spanish, a translation of the article or script into one of these languages is required from the applicant. The English, French or Spanish version will be the one judged.

Two types of journalists can enter the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize: professional journalists and amateur journalists. The eligibility criteria for both types are defined hereunder:

Professional journalist:

  • Holder of a valid press card (national press card, or press card issued by the International Federation of Journalists); and/or
  • Journalism must be their main source of income; and/or
  • Member of a journalism trade union.

Amateur journalist:

  • Do not comply with the above criteria to enter as professional journalists.


  • The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize will be awarded to one amateur and one professional journalist from each of the following regions: Africa; the Arab World and the Middle East; Asia and the Pacific; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Europe.
  • Each winner will be awarded €5 000.
  • In addition to the main themes outlined above, this year’s competition will include a “Special Prize on Freedom of Religion or Belief outside Europe” covering inspiring stories and initiatives promoting this freedom as well as respect for religious diversity and inter-religious cooperation. The Special Prizes of €5 000 each will be awarded to one amateur and one professional journalist.
  • One amateur and one professional journalist will also receive the same prize in the special Freedom of Religion or Belief category.
  • Submissions for the main Prize and special category will be assessed by an independent jury, which will also award an additional €5 000 Grand Prize to one of the winners.
  • All 13 winners will receive their awards at a ceremony during the 2017 European Development Days in Brussels this June.

How to Apply:

      Professional and amateur journalists are invited to

submit their work

    related to the themes of the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize. The report can be in any format, i.e. published online (including blogs), in print, or in the form of a short radio, video or TV broadcast.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the



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