FAO/FIMI 2018 Training of Trainers on Human Rights, Food and Nutrition Security for Indigenous Women Leaders from Africa

Application Deadline: July 9th 2018

FAO is one of the leading organizations for its expertise in natural resources management, including food systems. Given the inextricable relationship that exists between nature and indigenous peoples? livelihoods, FAO plays an important role in protecting the environment and those who depend on it for survival. Many FAO projects relate to indigenous peoples even if indirectly, in their promotion of biological and cultural diversity as the underpinnings of food and livelihood security as well as quality of life.

FIMI has been conducting the Indigenous Women’s Global Leadership School developing capacity building programs aimed at indigenous women leaders from different regions of the world. In collaborative efforts with FAO in the year 2015, began the implementation of this particular program at the national level, a Program on Human Rights, Food and Nutrition Security. At the close of the second edition, more than 100 women from different Indigenous Peoples from Peru, Bolivia, India, the Philippines, El Salvador, Panama and Paraguay participated.

In this occasion, FIMI and FAO are going to implement the program Training of Trainers on Human Rights, Food Security and Nutrition to be carried out at a regional level in Africa.

The Objectives are:

  • Strengthen the leaderships and knowledges of indigenous women on human rights, food security and nutrition for the capacity building of other indigneous women from Africa.
  • Promote and strengthen the articulation, alliances and collaborations between activists and indigenous organizations at the regional level for the advocacy and participation at the international processes.


This program is open to indigenous women leaders from Africa, the requirements are:

  • Indigenous women with skill and experience in facilitating capacity building processes.
  • Indigenous women associated with an indigenous organisation and actively working with indigenous communities and involved in human rights, indigneous peoples rights and women’s rights.
  • Basic english speaking and writing skills.
  • In the selection process, 30 indigenous women leaders will be selected to participate in the program through an Advisory Committee.


  • Scholarship to cover airfare (economy flights), accommodation and food will be provided; it is included educational material. FIMI will provide full scholarships for 30 participants. All scholarships will awarded in the most equitable way possible.


  • A signed letter of commitment to actively participate and complete the 12 days of the capacity building training.
  • Deliver a Capacity builidng Plan on the knowledge acquired from ToT and its implementation.
  • Getting a visa or passport in advance, if it is required.


a) Module I: Indigenous Peoples? Rigths Indigenous Women?s Rigths.
b) Module II: Food Security
c) Module III: Learning and Sharing knowledges in collectivity
d) Capacity-building training Plan


  • The program will be held for a period of 12 days continuous during August or September of this year. The exact dates and venue are still to be confirmed.Download here the application form

Application Procedure:

For an application to be complete, the following documents must be submitted:

i. A completed application form
ii. A letter of organizational endorsement, preferable the Organisation/Institution the applicant belong to or is working closely with. This letter shall be addressed to the Coordination of the Indigenous Women?s Global Leadership School. The letter should also specify the national or regional network which the organisation is affliated with.
iii. A commitment letter from the candidate to perform all tasks required and commitment to conclude the program.

The completed application form and a letter of endorsement shall be sent by email to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the FAO/FIMI 2018 Training of Trainers on Human Rights, Food and Nutrition Security


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