Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme Cohort VIII (12 Month ICT Program for Kenyan Graduates).


Application Deadline: October 3, 2023

The Digitalent is a Public Private Partnership Programme whose key components are Skill development, on the job coaching, mentorship, training, certification and ICT innovations It is a twelve (12) month internship programme whose objective is to develop ICT high-end skills in recent graduates, offer a platform for structured training, coaching, mentoring and promote ICT innovation and solutions development.

The presidential Digital Talent Programme was initiated to assist the government to access ICT competences ICT Leadership, technical and managerial) to design, procure, implement and manage a sound ICT structure for effective service delivery ICT culture transformation that treats ICT as business in support of government delivery objectives and Management DiscussionDevelop a pipeline of future talent for government who have experience and passion for ethical and accountable public service delivery.


  1. Applicants MUST have graduated and attained First or Upper Second-Class Honors (or the equivalent) from a recognized institution in the last two years (from January 2021).
  2. If waiting graduation (till December 2023), provide a recommendation/reference letter from the University stamped & signed by the University indicating First or Upper Second-Class Honors to be awarded.
  3. Recent graduates in BSc. ICT or Engineering (Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunication, Software, Security) – The graduates must have thorough knowledge in the core areas of specialization; Networks & Digital Infrastructure, Software Development & IA, Information Security, Data Analytics and Multimedia (ICT Graphics) & Digital Marketing. The Applicant may be required to demonstrate technical competencies on their core of specialization prior to the interview.
  4. Should NOT have undertaken any other Internship program in the government and is Unemployed
  5. Applicants should be willing and ready to be deployed in any government organization (MCDAs) within the 47 counties on a full time basis from 8:00am – 5:00pm.
  6. Females, persons with disability and graduates from ASAL regions are encouraged to apply.

Programme Details


The digitalent programme is a Public Private Partnership Program whose aim is to inspire partnership agreements, association and/or co-operation

Training & Partnership

Digitalent offers specialized training, and certification for skills acquisition to fulfill the legal requirement for professional career growth.


DigiTalent mentor shall be an experienced professional volunteer, who is willing and available to share their experience, knowledge and networks with the mentee..

Innovation & Incubation

A Digitalent Innovation is an invention or process improvement solution for an identified gap in government or society.


It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify the following:

Foreign University:
Graduates with foreign Universities degree should attach a verification certificate from Kenya National Qualification Authority (KNQA)Certificate in other languages other than English, must attach English translation from the relevant Embassy.

Degree Grade Equivalent:

Those Universities with GPA – Attach GPA equivalent to the Kenya Public University – e.g. For Second class honors upper – division GPA equivalent

Certificate Not Collected:

Attach a signed and stamped recommendation/reference letter from the University stamped & signed by the dean of students indicating First or Upper Second-Class Honors to be awarded.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme Cohort VIII


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