The European Parliament’s Sakharov Fellowships 2024 for human rights defenders (Fully Funded to Venice, Italy and Brussels, Belgium)


Application Deadline:  8 October 2023 (CET). 

The European Parliament’s Sakharov Fellowship offers up to 14 human rights defenders selected from non-EU countries the opportunity to follow a two week intensive training in Brussels and at the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice. The empowering programme for human rights defenders has been organised annually since 2016 further to an initiative taken by the Sakharov Prize Community at the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Sakharov Prize.

Under the Sakharov Fellowship training programme human rights defenders will

· enhance their knowledge of EU and international human rights frameworks, policies and mechanisms and

· develop capacities to advocate for and effect positive change to protect human rights.

Beyond the training, Sakharov Fellows will

· help grow the network of Sakharov Fellows to share best practices, disseminate the acquired knowledge and extend awareness of the Sakharov Prize and the Sakharov Community;

· have the opportunity to maintain links with the work of the European Parliament and continue liaising with EU Delegations in their respective countries.

The Brussels programme focuses on EU policies and tools in support of human rights defenders, accessing funding, developing communications skills, and raising awareness of specific security challenges facing human rights defenders. It further includes meetings with Members of Parliament, officials of the EU institutions and Brussels-based NGOs. The Fellows will also have space for individual advocacy and networking activities.


  • The programme will be organised in person in Brussels and Venice. It might be changed to an on-line format if sanitary conditions require.
  • The Sakharov fellowship is subject to the approval of the Annual Work Programme of DG-EXPO of the European Parliament.
  • Candidates should have a proven record in campaigning for human rights in a NGO or other organisation or in an individual capacity. They must have a high level of English, sufficient to follow and contribute to discussion groups and workshops in Brussels and Venice.
  • The selection of Fellows is based on the above criteria and the need to ensure gender balance as well as the representation of a variety of geographical areas and human rights issues.


  • The Fellowship covers return travel from the country of origin, accommodation in Brussels and Venice and a daily living allowance. 
  • Training in Brussels and Venice: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive program that delves into EU and international human rights frameworks, policies, and mechanisms. Equip yourself with the skills to advocate for positive change and protect human rights.
  • Networking Opportunities: Join an expanding network of Sakharov Fellows to share best practices and disseminate knowledge. Forge lasting connections with the European Parliament and EU Delegations in your home country.
  • Bespoke Curriculum: In Brussels, focus on EU policies, funding opportunities, communication skills, and security challenges facing human rights defenders. Engage with EU decision-makers, Members of Parliament, and NGOs. Enjoy opportunities for individual advocacy and networking.
  • Venice Experience: At the Global Campus of Human Rights, benefit from academic expertise in international human rights law, practical tools, and case studies. Learn from distinguished academics, human rights leaders, and Sakharov Prize laureates.
  • In-Person and Online: The program will be held in person in Brussels and Venice, with the flexibility to switch to an online format if necessary due to health concerns.


  •  The deadline for applications is midnight 8 October 2023 (CET).
  • Successful candidates will receive confirmation by email, latest by 17 November 2023.
  • Unsuccessful candidates will not be informed of the reasons why they were not shortlisted or offered a fellowship.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the European Parliament’s Sakharov Fellowships 2024


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