Hague Academy Talent of Governance Scholarships 2017 for Young Civil Servants (Fully Funded to the Netherlands)

Application Deadline: 18th November 2016 (24.00 CET).

During the talent programme, young talents at the local level increase their practical knowledge on topics such as management of waste or water, local economic development, municipal service delivery, citizen participation and accountability, fiscal decentralisation and local taxes, climate change and resilience, integrity and anti-corruption.

The selected talents follow international training in The Hague and an internship in a Dutch municipality. They meet colleagues from abroad, learn from experiences in other countries and link what they have learned to the daily practice in their home countries. This will help them to achieve their personal goals and make a real difference for their local communities.

For the three programmes in 2017 The Hague Academy for Local Governance will select a limited number of young, talented and motivated civil servants working for a local government in one of the countries on the DAC country list for its Talent for Governance programmes.

The talent programmes comprise the following components:

1. A two- week training course at The Hague Academy for Local Governance

2. Week-long internship at a Dutch Municipality

3. Talent for Governance networking activities

4. Back home action plan


Application is possible if you: work for a local government (not an NGO or private Enterprise. We focus on administrative staff, not elected officials. And although we acknowledge the great work of civil servant like school and university teachers, nurses, doctors, soldiers, police, civil servants at central and state government level they do not form the focus point of this training and internship programme (which takes place in a Dutch municipality), and therefore have no chance of being selected) ;

  • work in one of the countries listed on the DAC country list;
  • be 37 years of age or younger when you apply;
  • have at least two years of work experience in local governance and
  • have the intension to work there for at least two years more;
  • speak and understand the English language well (all programmes are in English);
  • be able to write down and orally defend your motivation for and relevance of the specific programme;
  • be able to identify an issue/project as a real life case within the theme of the programme for which you will write a Back Home Action Plan during the talent programme;
  • have written support of your employer to participate in the programme and to implement the Back Home Action Plan when you return home.

Three different programme themes

The talent programme will be organised three times in 2016 and each programme will revolve around a different local governance theme. There will be just one application period.

To apply for the talent programme candidates need to choose one of the following programme themes. These themes are based on the topics of the training course at The Hague Academy which is part of the talent programme:

  • Fiscal Decentralisation and local Finance – Programme from 13 February to 3 March 2017,  (more information about the training course part of the programme
  • Citizen Participation & Inclusive Governance – Programme from 27 March to 14 April 2017 , (more information about the training course part of the programme
  • Local Economic Development – Programme from 27 November to 15 December 2017 , (more information about the training course part of the programme)


  • Only applications made through the online application form will be considered.
  • Firstly, the applications will be screened for completeness of the form and basic eligibility of the candidates.
    – You need to upload a copy of your passport as well as an employer statement according to this format.
  • Within one month after the application deadline, only the candidates that are accepted into the next round will be contacted by Talent for Governance.

Application form

Here you will be able to you’ll be able to find the online application form for the Talent for Governance 2017 programmes from 14th October 2016 to 18th November (24.00 CET).

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Talent for Governance 2017 Programme



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