IB PLC Hero’s Foundation Kickstart Entrepreneurship Programme 2019 for young Nigerians

The International Breweries foundation is an arm of International Breweries Plc,( a member of the AB InBev Family) with the objective of delivering impactful, developmental and sustainable projects. Kickstart is an initiative of the International Breweries Foundation that focuses on enterprise growth and development for young entrepreneurs.

Kickstart is an African initiative of the AB InBev group the program hitherto has been successfully implemented in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Tanzania. In Nigeria, the program started in 2016 and has run three editions in the South West and South East region of the country.

feThe programme supports youth-owned businesses through business training, seed capital, post-investment support (mentoring and coaching).


In order to participate in the kickstart program, prospective awardees are required to fill and submit an application form. In order to be considered for the short listing, applicants are required to meet the following requirements:

        I.            They must be from 18 years to 35 years.

      II.            They must be able to communicate in English language (read, write and speak).

    III.            They must reside in and have their business operations in Nigeria

    IV.            Their business must be within the following areas

        Circular Packaging (e.g. recycling)     
        Climate Action
        Water Stewardship

      V.            For existing business, their business must not be more than 3 years.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IB PLC Hero’s Foundation Kickstart Entrepreneurship Programme 2019


  1. […] La Fondation internationale des brasseries est une branche d’International Breweries Plc (fière partie du groupe AB InBev) avec pour objectif de réaliser des projets percutants, évolutifs et durables. Kickstart est une initiative de la Fondation et se concentre sur la croissance et le développement des entreprises pour les jeunes entrepreneurs. Le programme soutient les entreprises appartenant à des jeunes en leur offrant une formation, un accès au capital (subventions) et un mentorat. […]


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