IITA Fully Sponsored Training for Climate-smart Agriculture Landscape Leaders in Tanzania

Application Deadline: May 21st 2020

IITA, EcoAgriculture Partners, and USDA-FAS with the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) and in partnership with ICRAF and FAO, are organizing a Training of Trainers course to build capacity for planning climate-smart agricultural (CSA) landscapes.

Goals and Scope

This Training of Trainers’ course will build the capacities of subnational ministry officials, landscape decision-makers, and professional extension educators to become Master Trainers for an integrated landscape-approach to planning Climate-smart Agriculture (CSA). Trainees will become leaders in integrating farm and landscape-level CSA action and helping generate enabling financial and policy support for effective CSA landscape design and practice. Integrated CSA landscape initiatives stand to positively impact agricultural productivity, ecological conservation, livelihood security, and institutional capacity for cross-sectoral coordination, as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation.


To build a foundational toolkit for Master Trainers to rely on for further extension of the Landscape CSA (L-CSA) curriculum.


Graduate-level professionals in fields related to agriculture, natural resources management and/or extension education with at  least five years working in the relevant fields with government ministries, District councils, NGOs, training institutes, or other relevant institutions.


Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


Must clearly show  how they will train others /apply the acquired knowledge; demonstrate interest in applying and promoting landscape CSA.

Contact information

For further information contact [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IITA Fully Sponsored Training for Climate-smart Agriculture Landscape Leaders in Tanzania



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