International Women’s Day: Best Practice Competition 2018

Application Deadline: April 30th 2018

It’s time to get snapping and take lots of engaging photographs of your exciting International Women’s Day 2018 activity.

Around the world from grassroots activity to global campaigns, many groups support International Women’s Day in purposeful and meaningful ways. The level and depth of awareness raising is deep and impressive, vast and significant. Celebrating the groups who champion International Women’s Day in highly innovative and effective ways provides direction and inspiration for others. Sharing best practice not only inspires others to achieve great outcomes for women, but sets a benchmark for activity.

Are you running International Women’s Day activity? Could it be an example of ‘best practice’? Might further groups benefit from seeing and understanding your success? Can you provide engaging content and photographs as evidence of your activity and its impact? If so, the International Women’s Day 2018 “Best Practice” Competition could be for you.

Encouraging groups to strive, helps progress the gender agenda and sets a worldwide ​expectation for meaningful action. By shining a spotlight on examples of good practice and celebrating impact, International Women’s Day activity grows bigger and better annually. Sharing the collective information available, builds a hugely valuable pool of expertise, innovation and wisdom. It also inspires further ideas and activity.

IWD best practice categories

From around the world, best practice case studies will be featured across a number of important categories to demonstrate how groups championed International Women’s Day and supported the #PressforProgress campaign. The winning case studies will inform and inspire audiences worldwide as the #PressforProgress campaign continues throughout the year.

  • Private Sector: Impact and Innovation
  • Public Sector: Leadership and Progress
  • Charity Sector: Awareness Raising
  • Education Sector: Knowledge and Impact
  • Community Services: Local Engagement
  • Sporting Sector: Social Leadership
  • Associations/Networks: Member Participation
  • Marketing/Design Agencies: IWD Campaign Work
  • Best IWD Grassroots Impact
  • ​Best IWD #PressforProgress Videos​
  • Best IWD #PressforProgress media activity
  • Best IWD #PressforProgress photographs
  • Best IWD Event Pack use
  • Best IWD Cakes

imeline and requirements

Entries open March 8 2018 and close on April 30, 2018 – with judging through May to June, followed by winner announcements in July 2018. Entries must be no more than 1,000 words and must address certain given criteria. Entries must also contain engaging images showing evidence of activity (so remember to diligently gather your images during IWD activity). Further assets such as videos, social media assets and so forth are also invited if available. All images submitted must be under the condition that they may be used on the International Women’s Day website, with acknowledgement.

The prize

Detailed case studies will be featured on the International Women’s Day website and via its social media and further communication platforms, as well as promoted on further relevant websites and channels. And, because giving is the best way of receiving, we encourage each of the winners to consider making an elective donation direct to one of the International Women’s Day Charities of Choice.


To register interest in potentially participating in the International Women’s Day 2018 Best Practice Competition and to receive further details in coming weeks, please login to your IWD account and submit the form.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the International Women’s Day: Best Practice Competition 2018


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