International Youth Action Against Terrorism CVE YOUTH BLAST 2015, Nairobi Kenya

Registration Deadline: 22nd October 2015

What: The CVE Youth Blast
When: Saturday 24th October 2015 08:00 hrs. to 14:00 hrs.
Where: Kenyatta University (School of Law – Parklands Campus), Nairobi (Kenya)

The International Youth Action Against Terrorism cordially invites you to the 2015 edition of the CVE YOUTH BLAST on Saturday 24th October 2015, Kenyatta University (School of Law – Parklands Campus), Nairobi (Kenya) from 08:00 hrs. to 14:00 hrs.
The CVE Youth Blast is the official Pre-Conference event for the International Youths Conference on Counter-Terrorism, expected to draw 300 youth participants. As the maiden International Youths Conference on Counter-Terrorism (IYCCT 1 Nairobi, Kenya – February 2016) will set out to bring together the global youths’ resolve on Countering Violent Extremism, we take this opportunity to reinstate the agenda of Youths inclusion in the Global CVE Process, giving youths a further pre-conference chance to outline their position and present recommendations.
We believe that including youths in the pursuit of peaceful and inclusive societies free of Violent Extremism must remain one of the central aims for which CVE policies are created globally.

This is on account of the inextricable link between the increasing number of youths joining extremist groups, and the increasing threat of such terror groups.
The CVE Youth Blast will involve interactive discussions on the 3 focus areas as below mentioned where the topic guest speakers are asked questions as they engage with the event participants in the audience section, facilitated by a moderator for each plenary session. The expected outcomes will be recommendations moving forward on the focus areas.
In addition to building capacity, strategizing and planning for the IYCCT 1, the CVE Youth Blast will create a platform for young people to share experiences and solutions related to radicalization. It is expected to advance an environment that will help to forge strategic CVE partnerships and cooperation, develop a knowledge base of activities, initiatives and best practices, and strengthen the Youths CVE strategy to ensure the continued participation of young people in these processes.
Side Events
•    Launch of the IYAAT Online Radio;
•    Validation workshop (The IYAAT’s report on Global Youth Consultations on CVE).
Event focus Topics
Before the commence of the plenary sessions, there will be the official launch of the IYAAT Online Radio at the event, going live on air officially. The plenary sessions will therefore be aired live on the IYAAT Online Radio at the event.
To deliver on the three focus areas, Guest Speakers will be invited to address the participants on each of the following topics:
Social Media solutions, Strategic Communications for CVE
Facilitator: Ms. Patricia Ngare
Guest Speakers for this plenary session are:
•    Ms. Fatma Ahmed (Albany Associates, UK);
•    Mr. Boniface Gor (Onward, Kenya);
•    Ms. Quinter Odongo (Kenya);
•    Ms. Scheaffer Okore (Siasa Place, Kenya);
•    Ms. Stella Nderitu (Dada Power, Kenya);
•    Mr. Enock Alumasi Makanga (Impact Management Solutions Africa).

Youths Personal Development
Facilitator: Ms. Victoria Malowa
Guest Speakers for this plenary session are:
•    Mr. Lanre Dahunsi (Opportunities for Africans, Nigeria);
•    Mr. Lone Felix (ADDO Africa, Kenya);
•    Ms. Jackie Mwangi (Kenya);
•    Mr. Emmanuel Wakana (YELI Burundi, Burundi);
•    Ms. Khadijah Said A. Thani (Kenya)
•    Mr. Mohamed Dakane (Kenya)

Effective Policy making and Community Engagement in CVE
Facilitator: Ms. Corazon Hagono
Guest Speakers for this plenary session are:
•    Dr. Melissa Finn (Balsillie School of International Affairs, Canada)
•    Dr. Damaris Manyange (NCTC, Kenya)
•    Ms. Joyce Muthoni (Kenyatta University, Kenya)
•    Mr. Rashid Gatambia (Kenya);
•    Mr. Charles Omondi (911 Group, Kenya);
•    Mr. Mohammed Kisirisia (AFFCAD, Uganda).

E- Participation
During the CVE Youth Blast, strong emphasis will be placed on E-Participation to increase the participation of youths off the event location, and to mobilize youth groups across the world to take local action in support of CVE process, and the IYCCT 1.
A collaborative team will work to ensure a maximum number of people, on and off venue, are aware of the activities transpiring, and able to engage with them the sessions will be live streamed using Google Hangout, allowing on-line participants to both watch and engage in the sessions.
Recordings of these sessions will later be hosted on the YouTube website. The event’s social media hashtag is #CVEYouthBlast.




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