2015 Music Mobility Fund for South African Music Professionals (October 2015)

Application Deadline: Monday 5 October 2015.
The Music Mobility Fund is a tour funding mechanism which offers opportunities for South African musicians to undertake live music tours. Music professionals are invited to apply for funding from a National Mobility Fund (for projects in South Africa), and a Regional Mobility Fund (for projects taking place in SADC countries, except South Africa).
The Fund is administered by Concerts SA, a joint South African/Norwegian project housed under the auspices of the Stakeholder Hub within The SAMRO Foundation. Concerts SA receives financial, administrative and technical support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The SAMRO Foundation and Concerts Norway.
Working with musicians, promoters, venue owners and audiences, the project aims
to build a vibrant, viable and sustainable live music circuit in southern Africa. It also aims to develop an interest in and appreciation of live music by showcasing music performances and conducting workshops at schools.
The Music Mobility Fund aims to:
  • strengthen the live music circuit nationally and regionally;
  • encourage the mobility of South African music and musicians;
  • develop artistic and professional capacity as well as professional relationship-building within the live music sector across South Africa and the SADC region through new experiences
The programme is open to individuals and organisations:
  •  who can demonstrate a track record in the music sector;
  • whose work will benefit from launching better networks– either musically/creatively or in terms of developing an audience for their work;
  • who feature the creation of new opportunities for artists and arts professionals either in South Africa or host countries;
  • who have not received support through the Mobility Fund in the previous 2014 and 2015 calls for proposals.
  • Grants for individuals are available to: musicians, managers, promoters, producers, agents, groups (one member will need to take the lead and have the main responsibility for managing the grant process). All people participating in the project must be over 18 years old, and hold a valid passport [only applicable for Regional touring].
In order to be eligible for a grant, you must:
  • be a South African citizen living (or organisation operating) in South Africa;
  • be established in South Africa;
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project, not an intermediary.
The types of projects that may be financed are:
  • Tours and concerts : performances; country and regional tours; participation at festivals and showcases, etc. (where you are able to demonstrate that such performances will develop your professional or creative practice);
  • Collaborations : artistic collaborations between musicians that lead to live music p erformances.
  • Performance-based workshops
The duration of the project may not be less than four days, nor exceed 6 months. Projects
must be completed by 18 April 2016.
Applicants may request:
  • For SADC Regional Projects: up to R 40,000
  • For National Projects: up to R 25,000
This amount must not exceed 80% of the total costs of the project. In exceptional cases, the grant may cover the entire eligible costs of the project if this is deemed essential to carry it out. If that is the case, the applicant must justify the request for full financing in the grant application form.
  • Only complete applications will be considered. You may submit multiple applications under this call, but may only be awarded one grant per Fund.
  • Note that proposals will not be returned. Enquiries and applications should be submitted by email to [email protected], by fax to 0865007028 or by post to SAMRO Foundation, 20 De Korte Street, 4th Floor SAMRO Place, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001.


Mobility Fund 2015 (October):
Call for Proposals
Application Form (.doc)
Application Form (.pdf)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2015 Music Mobility Fund for South African Music Professionals


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