International Youth (YOU) Day Online Contest 2013.


August 12, 2013 is International Youth Day, and Youth Empowerment Network  is celebrating with a contest to highlight the accomplishments of the youth in its network! From now until August 12th, each day a different young person will be featured on the Youth Empowerment Network Website.

To enter the competition, just post in this forum thread your response to the question:

What was your greatest accomplishment in the past year?

You can enter once per day. Each day  one of the entries to featured on the YEN home page, and on International Youth Day, we will do a random draw of all the featured youth and the winner will get a prize package, including a smart phone!

Head Over to the Forum at:

For more information, contact Sharon at [email protected].


  1. My greatest accomplishment is a simple one, one that cannot be proven or measured, one that is individual and can only be shared with that who had won it alongside me.

    My greatest achievement is a being a part of a friendship. In the past year I had made a friend, I had many friends before, but this friendship was greater than the sum of any relationship I had the pleasure to be a part of in the past.

    This year I have outgrown a view I had, a limited perspective of what I thought is and should be the peak of friendship; I let someone in. Having this friend, taught me the value of change, development and the connection that is not loosen, but grows stronger with doubts and challenges. A friendship that isn’t bound to location or interest of any, but the two.


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