IOM Global Migration Film Festival 2019 for professional and emerging filmmakers

Application Deadline: Friday, 9th August 2019. 

World’s Première Migration Film Festival Opens Call for Films

The UN organization’s call for submissions includes Full-Length Feature and Short Films, in all genres: fiction, documentary and animation. Filmmakers have long viewed migration as a rich source of storytelling. This unique festival provides an opportunity for filmmakers and viewers the world over to enjoy films about migration that entertain and educate – be the stories dramatic, sad or funny. 

*Festival theme* 

All submissions should portray the challenges and promises of migration, and the unique contributions migrants make to their new communities. Films that tackle negative perceptions of migrants, defy stereotypes and portray positive and welcoming actions by and toward migrants are encouraged. 


Films should be in English or subtitled in English. Subtitles are encouraged, even if the dialogue is in English, to ensure maximum comprehension for global audiences.  

Films in other languages are encouraged but must have subtitles in English.  

*Production year* 

Films completed on or after 1 January 2016 are eligible for consideration. 


Films may only be submitted by individuals with the legal right to negotiate the use of the work. 

*Film selections* 

The festival will inform applicants by mid-October if their film is selected.  

For each selected film, either the filmmaker or the individual responsible for the submission should be prepared to provide relevant still images, a trailer, the filmmaker’s biography, a photo of the film’s director and the transcripts for subtitling. 

Films submitted already to previous editions of the Festival are not eligible for submission this year.  

*There is no fee to submit films* 

*Films produced with any financial support from IOM are eligible for the competition, but not eligible for grants* 

For more information, please contact Amanda Nero at IOM HQ, Tel: +41 227 179 482, Email: [email protected]  

For More Information

Visit the Official Webpage of the IOM Global Migration Film Festival 2019


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