Population Reference Bureau (PRB) Health and Environment Stories Podcast Training 2021

Application Deadline: July 12, 2021

Environment, Youth, Gender and Reproductive Health Stories In-Depth: Reaching New Audiences with Enhanced Skills and Changemaking Reporting

PRB and Developing Radio Partners are seeking teams of journalists, community groups, or community advocates interested in producing their own podcast series.

Applicants need to reside in Accra, Ghana and have stable, high-speed internet access.

The selected team will create its own podcast from start-to-finish while receiving coaching and guidance from expert trainers. This is a great opportunity for tech-savvy journalists, community advocates, or community radio groups who want to elevate their production and reporting skills and create programming in a new, in-depth, and exciting format.

The team will select a reproductive health and environment, population, gender, or youth theme to explore deeply, and they will be trained to produce a podcast series on that theme. The finished podcast series will be distributed in Kenya through radio and will reach an international audience with dissemination online.

The goals of this project are to build the skills and competitiveness of the team by introducing new storytelling formats and expertise, and to share community and national stories about environment, gender equity, and reproductive health topics with an international audience. We hope the project will encourage understanding, communication, and solutions around the series theme.


To Qualify:

  • You must be interested in journalism and the training topics – and you can be a working journalist, a community      advocate, a member of a civil society group, or part of a community radio group
  • Your team or outlet must be able to participate in all training sessions
  • You must have strong English skills
  • Please upload a 10-minute audio production that represents your best work (content that focuses on climate change or reproductive health preferred if possible)

Training will be conducted during at least one in-person session and virtually. The content and curriculum will focus on:

  • An in-depth format and creative style that examines and explains complex topics, emphasizing the gathering and use of compelling natural sound, soundbites, and strong narrative development
  • Credible data use and information sourcing, including source diversity and first-hand perspectives
  • Scripting and editing to present the most engaging content
  • Opportunities for all team members to try different roles, including hosting
  • Broad dissemination and shaping stories that appeal to people across borders

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the PRB Health and Environment Stories Podcast Training 2021



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